Exercises for Arm Workouts for Women


Whether you refer to it as “bat wings,” “bingo wings.” or just simply as underarm sagging skin, underarm flab is a common occurrence in women. It’s embarrassing and can make a woman feel self-conscious wearing anything strapless or with thin straps. Fortunately, you can tighten your arm muscles using arm workouts for women. These exercises can also help prevent the issue from occurring in the future or just help increase strength in your arms.

Dumbbell Bicep Curls

This particular exercise consists of using a dumbbell held with your hands upright. You pull the dumbbell toward your bicep. It’s an exercise suitable for beginners or experienced lifters because you may alter the weight based on your needs. You may perform it sitting or standing or even while in motion. Generally, you want to aim for eight to 12 reps with each arm, and you want to perform two to six sets, depending on your exercise tolerance. This particular exercise works your biceps, which can correct or prevent arm flab.

Tricep Dips 

You’ll need a sofa, bench, or something to put your arms on. You place your arms behind with your back while holding on to the bench, sofa, or another item. Next, you slowly lower yourself to the ground without touching it. You may keep your body upright. Your elbows should be in a 90-degree angle. Make sure you’re only using your triceps to lower yourself. Finally, you push your body up using your triceps. Generally, you want to perform between five to seven reps and at least one to two reps. As you build strength in your arms, you may add on to the number of reps you complete.

Tricep Extensions

Stand with your legs hip-length apart. Start with holding one dumbbell in your arms with your hands down low. Then, bring your arms straight up above your head. Next, keep your upper arm straight and bring the dumbbells behind your head at a 90-degree angle. Continue to keep your elbow pointing forward and bring the dumbbells back above your head. If you include this into one of your arm workouts for women, you should do between three to five reps and three sets.

Enhancing Your Workout

Generally, you want to perform your arm exercises three times per week and not in a row. You want to give your arms time to recover in between weight training exercises.

In addition to choosing the right exercises for arm workouts for women, you may also want to add supplements to your routine. These help your body receive the nutrients it needs to recover from working out and helps you to build muscles.

Arm exercises can build muscle. These women’s arm exercises can prevent arm flab in the future as well and even correct current arm flab.