Thursday, November 24

5 Reseller Hosting Myths: Debunked


The twenty-first century saw the evolution and rise of the internet and digitization in our lives. As the acceptance of the online world grew, an increasing number of businesses started working towards creating and strengthening their online presence. Hence, we saw a surge in the number of new websites being launched. Since every site needs a host, we also saw a sharp increase in the demand for good hosting services. While the hosting companies tried to keep up with the increasing demand, Hosting Resellers also grabbed this opportunity and created profitable businesses by offering tailored hosting services. Reseller Hosting is a great way to enter the web hosting industry without investing a lot of money on the infrastructure or manpower required to run a web hosting company. However, there are many myths surrounding Reseller Hosting, and today, we shall debunk five such most-common myths.

Myth 1. Reseller Hosting is very complex

For non-technical people, learning about web hosting and the technicalities involved can be overwhelming during the first few weeks. However, once you understand the basics of web hosting, the rest is fairly simple. You buy a big bag of server resources from a web hosting company, create smaller, customized hosting packages, and sell them to your clients. You don’t have to worry about managing the web server or running maintenance or security tasks. All you need to do is create and sell packages based on your client’s expectations and needs while leaving the servicing aspect to the parent hosting company.

Myth 2. You will be selling web hosting for someone else

Most web hosts offer cPanel Reseller Hosting plans with the ability to create your own brand (White Label Hosting). Via this feature, you can create a brand and sell web hosting under your brand’s name. Your clients will never know about the parent company unless you tell them.

Myth 3. Client Support is a huge problem

Since you are the web host for your clients, providing technical support is your responsibility. However, most web hosts offer 24×7 technical support services to Hosting Resellers and their clients. While you might need to talk to the provider to work out the details, client support is NOT a huge problem for Hosting Resellers.

Myth 4. Competition is very high

No business is devoid of competition. The web hosting industry is no different. There are hundreds of Hosting Resellers in India trying to capture a rather limited target market. However, as businesses are realizing the benefits of having an online presence, an increasing number of brands are launching their websites. Also, with competition increasing across all sectors, there is a huge demand for customized web hosting services. Hence, Hosting Resellers have an opportunity to create profitable businesses despite the high level of competition.

 Myth 5. You don’t need any hardware knowledge

We believe that you should not enter a business unless you know how it works. This is more important for a service-driven business like Reseller Hosting. The knowledge of the hardware running the web hosting setup is not optional. You don’t need an in-depth understanding but must know enough to create efficient packages and explain them to your clients.

Summing Up

Remember, myths and misconceptions usually are rooted in the lack of information. Hence, before you believe anything regarding Reseller Hosting, research and talk to some existing Hosting Resellers to get to the root of it. Reseller Hosting is an excellent business provided you are willing to work hard and create a successful business that helps its clients while forging strong relationships. All you need is a strategic business plan. Good Luck!