Steakhouse experience redefined: Order the healthy options!


Indulging and splurging on a hearty meal is never a bad idea, at least once in a while. If you have planned to visit a steakhouse this weekend, you must find ways to enjoy the dishes and steaks, while keeping a check on the calories. Best restaurants in Montreal, such as Rib n Reef, have enough choices for foodies and diet-conscious alike, and in this post, we are discussing how you can order healthy and tasty at a steakhouse.

  1. Go for a low-fat cut. Tenderloin is the best choice when you don’t want to consume a lot of fat. The simplest example of tenderloin is filet mignon, while you can also consider bone-in filet and chateaubriand. Protein can keep you satiated for long hours, and compared to porterhouse and ribeye, tenderloin has a lot less fat and more of healthy protein. As for the cooking, go for medium-rare for the best experience.
  2. Be smart with salads. Most foodies believe that because they are ordering a salad, they are eating healthy, which is a pure myth. At steakhouses, salads often have too many add-ons, which add to the calories- Think of cheese, bacon, and dressings. Have salads that are rather healthy, such as Caesar Salad, which contains fewer calories. Another great choice is Greek Village Salad, which has less than 250 calories for a big serving.
  3. Share your food habits with the waiter. You will be surprised to know the amount of butter that’s added to most recipes at commercial restaurants. When you place an order, ask the waiter to avoid butter. You also need to check for the sauces and dressings. Steaks taste great on their own, so sauces may not be necessary, while for dips, watch your portions.

Final word

Steakhouses offer seafood, which can be a good way to keep a check on the calories. Unless you are going for deep-fried items, you have nothing to worry. Go for chops or other food items that are not high on calories. The grilled meats are usually safe for a hearty meal, and once in a while, you can choose to go high on that lunch. If you are in mood for that, don’t miss mashed potatoes with bacon, or anything loaded with cheese – the classic Mac N Cheese for instance. When you visit a steakhouse for the first time, take your time to read the menu and ask questions if need be.