Thursday, September 21

Read This to Know How You Should Select A Best Car Shipping Company


While considering moving your vehicle to a long-distance city or a country you have got only a few options:

  1. You may drive your vehicle On your own
  2. Get a driver who will drive it to your new address
  3. Hire an auto shipping service company

If you consider the first two of the above option then you will find that in both these options you may end up spending a lot on fuel. In addition to that, you will also put your vehicle at risk by traveling to unknown roads and also suffer a lot of wear and tear.

However, the third option will take care of all these problems. However, the question remains that you need to do good research to finds a reliable and trustworthy company that can offer such a service.

Ship A Car Inc. is one such company that is in connection with a wide transport network all over the country and is providing a good car shipping service. Over the years they have build-up a very good reputation too.

If you are interested to search for a few more such auto shipping company then you can follow the following few steps.

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  • Research and explore

To start with you must research such companies on the web and try to read the reviews of their customers. Only their customers can offer you exact feedback about their service. You must also refer to BBB (Better Business Bureau) to know if there is any complaint against the company.

  • Get a quote

Your next step will be to request all the shortlisted companies to send a quote for transporting your car. You must send details about your car and also let them know the source and destination of transporting the car.

  • Verify your choices

You may also make a call to the company and enquire whether they have the necessary license to conduct their business. Also, know whether they have sufficient insurance available to cover your car.

  • Enquire about their shipping process

Try to understand the process of transportation of cars from one place to another. Know what are the various documents needed by them for carrying your car. Whether they will provide open transportation or enclosed transport. How long will it take to reach the car at the destination?

  • Know who will transport your vehicle

Quite often the car shipper you discuss comes out to be a broker rather than actual transporter. If it is a broker then try to know who will actually be transporting your vehicle.

  • Learn about their terms and conditions

Try to know all the terms and conditions and read them carefully and ask questions if you need more clarity. Make sure that they do not ask for any upfront payment while booking the service.

  • Schedule the pickup

After you are fully satisfied with everything that you have discussed so far then you must select your transporter and schedule a day when your vehicle must be picked up. You will make your payment after receiving your car at your destination in a safe condition.