5 Shortest Ways to Make Your Living Space Look Agreeable



After the kitchen, the living space is perhaps a highly significant part of the house. As the name indicates it is the place where life actually happens. It is the place where your friends and family gather and where you spend most of your time playing games or watching Netflix. Moreover, it is usually the first place that you see when entering a house. Don’t you want to make your living space look agreeable? Almost every one of us wants to do so which is why if you are living in Singapore, it should be mentioned that looking up on HDB interior design ideas is important.

Luckily, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make it look pleasant. You can simply make your space agreeable by installing a suspended ceiling light diffuser. The light diffusers convert harsh light into softer ones and remove some of the undesirable glare brought about by recessed lights. Moreover, here are a few quick and easy ways to make your living room look stylish and agreeable: 

Create Layered Lighting in Your Living Space

Lighting is an incredibly important part of any space and it is frequently ignored as well. You must have an assortment of light sources to incorporate personality and character into your space. However, you do not need to spend a lot on lighting. You could hang an extraordinary pendant light instead of a conventional table light. Another quick and affordable way that won’t need any work is to try plug-in sconces.

You can place them close to the furniture arrangements. It is a very cost-effective approach to make your living space look agreeable without bearing the expense of rewiring. Moreover, installing dimmer switches is a great approach to create an agreeable look for the space. These allow you to adjust the lights to make your living space feel more comfortable.”

Make Use of Textiles 

One of the shortest and quickest approaches to make a living room look agreeable is with nice pillows. However, they can be too costly. But don’t worry about it; there is a solution. Visit your nearby fabric shop where you can generally find excellent pieces at a discounted price. Typically, 60 – 90 percent off what it would cost in case you bought yardage off a bolt on the floor.

Subsequently, find a good tailor who is an expert in stitching pillow covers and bedsheets. You will be charged approximately 10 – 20 dollars per pillow according to the size. However, you can sew them at home by yourself. 

Ensure That the Drapes Hit the Floor 

A great window treatment can instantly make your living space look agreeable. However, there is one fundamental principle that is never to purchase excessively short curtains. They look extremely cheap as well as local. Try to properly take measurements of the window before going to the store. You could likewise make your own at a very affordable price. Simply get a pure, lightweight cotton fabric, and ask your tailor for the final finish. 

Hang A Large-Sized Piece of Art

A large, eye-catching art can spark discussion as well as fill your living space with an immediate cozy and luxury vibe. Visit the nearest second-hand shops for great pieces of art. This will not hurt your budget. Moreover, you can become creative and do it all by yourself too. You just need to get a canvas from a stationary or art store and your preferred medium. 

Add Texture to Your Living Space

It is well said that when in doubt, blend it up. Interior designers suggest adding an assortment of metals, woods, woven materials, and glass to create a pleasant look. The material feel of a fleece couch, the delicate hand of a silk velvet pillow, or the flexible surface of quality leather are undeniably extravagant that you and your guests can feel. In case you are on a tight budget, throw an artificial fur or sheepskin on your sofa, or add brushed metal accent pieces on a wooden table.