Finer Versions for the Best Polished Plastering Now


The Venetian Stucco is a system of the latest technology that combines a pack of products, designed to cover and beautify walls, providing excellent resistance to abrasion. It allows following the expansions of the wall without the coating cracking, it is totally waterproof and ecological.

Its placement is done in an artisanal way, it does not contain solvents and, being a water-based product, it is non-flammable in nature. The main attraction is its finish, since it takes on a natural marble look. Due to the lights it generates, it is recommended to apply it in places that you want to highlight.

It comes in 720 colors (Cromax System), allowing you to customize the surface designs. It can be applied on different substrates, taking care that they are flat and very well fixed and sealed.

Polished plaster with silver

The polished plaster company london in silver or aluminum style gives a sophisticated and elegant finish to the murals . The color of the base stucco is at the client’s choice, to the latter a metallic or silver is added creating an effect on the stucco veins, giving it sparkles in translucent silver or aluminum visible in the light. Here in Argentina I am the only one to make this exclusive luxury wall design.

Polished plaster with copper

The stucco with copper style the mural acquires intensity in the reflections. Always with a base stucco color of the customer’s choice, a copper is added. The possibilities of combinations are infinite, being also possible to combine various stucco colors thus creating a more exclusive design effect. The flashes of copper are always translucent and highly visible in light. 

Polished plaster snakeskin

Venetian snakeskin or reptile skin stucco is a polished plaster of the color or colors of choice to which a snakeskin or reptile skin effect is added by a technique.

As you have surely been able to appreciate on some occasion, professional decorators use quite a few shapes and designs when working in different areas, according to the tastes of consumers. What decorative techniques do you usually use? Perhaps some of them sound like polished plaster, wallpaper, special graffiti, and other tricks and techniques of a professional painter.

On this occasion, we are going to talk about polished plaster. If you are thinking of applying it to any of your walls, professional painters such as those can give you some keys to do it yourself , easily and step by step.

Polished plaster materials

This stucco is made of lime and marble powder. Nowadays it can be bought in the colors that we want, within the color chart of each stucco manufacturer. Also, if you want you can buy polished plaster and tie it with dye to get the color you want.

Materials to apply polished plaster

To perfectly apply this stucco, you will need the following utensils:

  • Polished plaster cube.
  • Sandpaper.
  • Wide spatula.
  • Flat.
  • Masking tape.
  • Polished plaster brass.
  • Old rag.
  • Stucco wax.
  • Polishing machine or wool mitt.