Rumours Emerging for the Latest Tech


Holiday season is just around the corner, and for the tech enthusiasts that always means a look at the newest releases on the horizon as the rumour mill continues to churn out what may be newer expectations – this is most common right now for mobile devices with the newest Samsung and Apple flagships just around the corner and hopes that new features will be aimed at the latest trends. With different media being such a big draw right now, there are of course hopes that these newest features can scratch the itch for gamers looking for more complex titles down the latest web and app based options in games of chance like these other options, right through to the newest social media features too – but what information is there currently?

The first may be a step away from the phablet sized phones that have become common, whilst it looks as if Apple will stick to the approach of it’s 5.4” to 6.1” display phones that they’ve become most known for, but Samsung on the other hand which has become more well-known for it’s oversized devices are rumoured to be making a change here with a 1-2” reduction in size across it’s well-known devices. This is of course just rumour, but if it matches up with other rumours, could lead to a significant impact on the performance of the newest devices too.

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At this point, cameras are almost guaranteed to see some change and it seems rumours suggest the same is true here too. Whether this simply be changes to lenses or more packed technology to make the rear facing cameras more powerful, change will come here. Similarly, the front facing ‘selfie camera’ will also look to go through some changes as they become more embedded in the display and more tech changes too – improvements here will likely continue and for those looking for this feature primarily, there likely won’t be any disappointment.

Finally, rumours are being made around potential changes to batteries primarily on Samsung devices but may not be the news that many had been hoping for. Although there had been suggestions that faster charging methods were being trialled, there’s nothing to substantiate these claims, but other rumours suggest newer device batteries will be smaller with lower capacity – given the suspected change in display size, this may not have a huge impact on performance but will be disappointing as rumours have been around for a much longer period of time around bigger batteries with more capacity but no longer seem to be a target. Given these rumours have come from more credible sources too, they look likely to be something set in stone and an almost certain expectation until more information is given.