Wednesday, September 20

Secret Dialogues Of A Webcam Model: Find Out What’s Going On Inside A Cam Studio!


A young woman who wants to become a webcam model has certain curiosities that can only be answered by someone working in the industry. However, not even girls who are already in the online modeling world know everything because each situation is different. For these occasions, there are forums where models share their experiences and give advice to one another. And today, we will dissect one of the topics and reveal the secret dialogues behind the scenes.

One girl who is working as a webcam model asked her colleagues from other studios if they answer private messages from members. “I read somewhere that it would be a waste of time to answer private messages from users. I used to answer them and some members were tipping me, and then coming back to the chatroom. What is your approach? Do you answer all messages or do you concentrate on the public chat”, OP asked.

The answers from other webcam models came pouring out. “I strongly recommend keeping in touch with your members. Who knows how you can lose an important one?! Be good to everybody, this is my opinion!”, the first one said. “If you create a group of loyal members, you will see that it will bring you constant earnings. Some are too shy to write in public, but if you answer them in private, they will become loyal. There are a lot of things you can do to build a fan base. The idea is to pay attention to them and make them feel special or important. Good luck!”, another one said.

“The idea is that I’ve noticed many members returning if I answer their messages. But another webcam model, a friend of mine, says that it’s more important to keep the chatroom active than to talk with a single user. What do you think about this?”, the OP replied. “I think that your friend might be jealous of your success. I advise you to do what you know works best for you. Hugs and kisses!”, another one replied.

“I am talking to everybody; I have no problem with doing this. I think you can be very successful if you are a good person”, another webcam model said. “If you want them to come back to your page and to write again, I strongly recommend answering messages. You will create a bond with your members and they will become regulars!”, a more experienced cam girl answered. Being overwhelmed by all these tips, the OP thanked everyone and said she is already starting to notice results on her channel.

“I keep in touch with members who send me private messages because I have important earnings from them. It depends on how much time you want to spend on texting and calling”, another webcam model said. “I even send them pictures and they always visit my public chat. You never know who you will meet or who you ignore if you don’t answer”, another cam girl concludes.