Easy Steps To Disinfect Your Mattress


What happens when you don’t bother to clean your mattress for a year?

Not so fancy looking little creatures, invisible to the human eye, plunder our soiled beds and deprive you of the fresh air surrounding you. Not a handful. But a whole troop of them. That’s what happens.

Is there a way to remove all of it even if they’re just so tiny that you’ve dusted the mattress again and again and it looks like nothing’s left on the surface?

Deep cleaning would be the right option.  Such a process for your mattress can take almost an entire day. But it shouldn’t be that stressful if you follow these efficient steps made easy for you:


Step 1


While choosing professionals in mattress cleaning abu dhabi ask them to do a favour and take it out to the clear sun on a warm not-too-humid day. This way, there’s no chance for your mattress to dampen and there’s going to be plenty of UV rays (a type of energy sourced from the sun) to help wipe out the existing bacteria on the surface.

Step 2


If your mattress foam comes with a zip cover, remove it and machine-wash then allow it to dry. Start with vacuuming the mattress surface using a handheld equipment. Then you can do a thorough clean up between nooks and the sides.


Step 3


Move to stains and if spotted, clean them with a cloth daubed in water including mild detergent that has no harsh toxic chemicals like bleach and boric acids. Mix them together until it reaches a foamy fusion, but avoid taking an overly wet cloth to the mattress. When saturated with moisture, it might trigger rotten mould growth in the future.



Step 4


If you can detect a bad odour emanating from the stains or any bodily fluids visible on the mattress, choose an antibacterial spray or vinegar and push as many as 2- 4 pumps and scrub the mildly wet area in circular motions.

Step 5

It wouldn’t be complete without giving it one final wipe with a thoroughly rung clean towel prior to bathing it in warm water. Then your mattress should be placed in a nice safe spot (stay away from badly ventilated spaces) to dry without interruptions, best being 3-6 hours before zipping it back in freshly washed mattress pad and bedding!