When Is A Prepaid Card Also A Means Of Payment


In this guide, we have already explained how you can recognize a prepaid card as a means of payment. Now we want to explain to you when and why your prepaid card is also a payment card. This is especially the case if your card is a so-called prepaid credit cards. You can recognize such a card by the fact that it has a Visa or MasterCard logo and also has at least a magnetic stripe or an EMV chip. In addition to prepaid credit cards, prepaid cards can also be used as payment cards for use in shops. With these prepaid cards, however, there are both those that are also a means of payment and those that function as pure data carriers. In general, the credit for credit cards with payment function is very rarely saved as a credit directly on the card. The credit is usually available electronically, which means that an internet connection is required for payment.

Is Payment With Prepaid Cards Technically Limited

Depending on the type of prepaid card, you have many different options to use. However, there may also be technical restrictions for you. For example, with a gift card for a special retailer, you can often not shop in stores and online shops, but have to choose one of the two options when you buy the card. This is because different technology is used depending on the gift card. Things are a little different with prepaid credit cards. Here you may encounter general technical restrictions. Some cards can only be used for purchases from online shops and cards that you can only use in shops, but ensure you check the Vanilla card balance. Even if you have a card that can be used both offline and online, the card cannot be used everywhere. This type of prepaid card sometimes has technical limitations, for example, at ATMs. It also becomes difficult with a prepaid credit card when it comes to paying a deposit. So you cannot deposit a deposit with a credit card in hotels or at rental car companies. Here you have to switch to another credit card or cash deposit accordingly.