North American Clutch Replacement Parts and Driveline


North America Clutch and Driveline is a fourth-generation family-owned company that deals in an array of replacement parts. They top the game with their awe-inspiring innovation and technologies that enable them to produce cutting-edge quality products

Since 1973, North American Clutch and Driveline have been a topnotch producer of exceptional industrial components. Their selection of clutch systems, power take-offs, and other replacement parts are unmatched in all scopes. They stand tall with a robust reputation due to their worldwide might in delivery and services of replacement parts.

Moreover, this reputable North American Clutch Replacement Parts boasts products that are purely American: the product themselves and the materials used. All their replacement parts are produced and tested at their state-of-the-art facility in Rockford, Illinois. Even still, they have warehouses across the country that enable their fast delivery stance.

Industrial Clutches

North American Clutch and Driveline Company is the leading producer of clutches, clutch systems, and power take-off assemblies. Their products are designed with spectacular innovation, assembled with precision, and tested for quality before use. The clutches include;


Broadly, these types of clutches are compact, robust, and durable. They come in a variety of sizes and optional ball style bearings like bronze and use either grease or oil for lubrication.


Sturdy, versatile, and loaded with options quite essential for both heavy and light-duty jobs. Their high durability makes them trusted for a variety of gas or diesel-powered trucks, road building equipment, agricultural sectors, lift trucks, industrial power units, and many more. They come in a variety of types and sizes, from how the materials are used in their production.


The over-center clutch is used to disconnect the torque converter from the engine. An internally geared drive ring mounted directly to the engine flywheel drives it. They serve a variety of industries, including oilfield equipment, cranes, drilling rigs, pump drives, etc.


This master cutch is assembled between the engine flywheel and converter impeller wheel, and it transmits engine torque to the converter input shaft and the impeller assembly. Its primary function is to provide an instant disconnect between the engine and the converter during operation.


The heavyweight clutch option is available in double and triple plate connections. Users have the choice of either sealed or greasable ball style bearings.

Power Take-Offs

When it comes to power take-offs units, North American Clutch and Replacement Parts have a myriad of choices.

Small Engine Power Take-Off

They are designed for gas and diesel engines having a shaft output. For purposes of pumps, compressors, mobile equipment, conveyors, and other applications where disconnection is needed, they are a perfect choice.

Gear Box

The company’s particular ones are designed to offer a variety of gear ratios and hydraulic pump adapters to match any hydraulic system. They have a clutched input or splined drive plate direct mount.

Over Center

They range in sizes from between 4.5” to 18” and come standard with bronze release bearings, geared tooth fiber friction material, and internally splined-driven members.

Spring Loaded

These particular take-off units use a spring-loaded clutch rather than an over-center type clutch.