Wednesday, September 27

Manipulate the outcome of your clicks with editing


Photo editing is an art of altering the image. It is done to bring a better version of the picture. Editing can be done manually but there are certain effects that can only be achieved with the help of editing software. Both simple, as well as complex editing, is used for improving the quality of the picture. A photographer is different from editor. The work of photographer is to click a picture but the work of editor starts once the photographer is done with its work. Editing is an after process of photography. More information related to editing is available on this link

What is pixel editing?

The name pixel-level editing also refers pixel editing. It is one of the methods of editing. In pixel editing the editor edits picture from its root i.e; at the pixel level. Hence, it is also considered as one of the most destructive methods of photo editing. It is considered destructive because it changes the image permanently. You cannot undo the changes easily. It is used when the editor is required to do detailed editing of the picture. This link will help you to create certain effects to make image bigger.

What is parametric image editing?

Parametric image editing is also sometimes called as PIE. In this method of image editing you do not mess with the pixels. Thus, it retains the image file in its original form. This method follows a certain set of steps to acquire the desired effect on the image. Hence, it is also considered as a non-destructive method of photo editing. However, parametric image editing doesn’t allow you to use all types of edit. Hence, many editors uses a combination of both pixel editing and parametric image editing to refine the minute details of the picture to get the final look.