What Is the Significance of Recognizing National Pet Day at Our Pet-Friendly Rehab Centers?


Our pet-friendly rehab centers celebrate National Pet Day by allowing you to bring your small house pets with you to treatment. Companionship and emotional support are two benefits that pets may bring in recovery. Having a pet by your side might make addiction treatment more bearable, especially during the beginning stages when you are unhappiest. The presence of a pet can help put you at ease during treatment, making you more open to healing and growth.

What to Understand About When Bringing Your Pet to Pet-Friendly Rehab Centers During National Pet Day?

Most people who bring their pets to an addiction treatment clinic are responsible for keeping them safe, nourished, clean, and under their care. Dogs, cats, and other specific pets are welcome in recovery centers with the understanding that their owners will properly care for them. Please let the admissions team know if your pet has any behavioral difficulties when you contact them about bringing them with you. Call the admissions team if you have any queries about what types of pets you can bring. Pets must also have all necessary vaccines and shots, and owners are responsible for providing all food and other necessities.

What Are the Advantages of Pet-Friendly Drugs Rehab Centers?

For many people whose life used to revolve around drug misuse, going through the treatment process can be extremely stressful. Many people in treatment are relearning how to live and function without the use of drugs or alcohol. Having your pet with you in therapy can make the journey to recovery less difficult for many pet owners. For a good reason, pet-friendly addiction rehab is gaining popularity. Having a pet has numerous physical and psychological advantages. In the end, these advantages may help substance abuse therapy to be more successful.

What Are the Statistics Related to The Advantages of Pet-Friendly Rehab Centers?

Statistics from research shows the following results: 

  • Pet ownership has improved the mental health of 74% of pet owners.
  • Ninety-five percent of pet owners can’t envision ever having to give up their animals for any reason.
  • A friend or family member’s mental health has improved as a result of having a pet in their life, according to 74% of pet owners.

Tension, anxiety, despair, loneliness, and social exclusion can all be alleviated with the intervention of pets and therapeutic animals. People with long-term mental health problems may benefit from interactions with animals.

Pet-Friendly Drug Rehab at Mallard Lake Detox Center is Here for You! 

Being able to walk down the road to recovery with your best buddy by your side can be life-changing. Mallard Lake Detox Center understands the value of our pets in our lives as well as in our sobriety. Our clean, spacious, and pet-friendly rehab center is the ideal setting for you to begin your journey to long-term recovery. For more information regarding pet-friendly drug rehab facilities please contact our online team or reach out to our admissions teams today to learn more about bringing your pet to treatment.