The Lowdown on Tricep Workouts – What Everyone Needs to Know


When you load your arms with grocery bags because you’re determined to get them all in one trip or you push against a heavy door, you’re depending on your triceps to carry the load and allow your arms to function comfortably. Tricep workouts are essential to keeping those muscles strong, and it’s easier than you may think to find effective workouts that fit your lifestyle and budget.

Benefits of Tricep Workouts

Your triceps run along the backside of your upper arms and are required for full functionality of your shoulders, elbows and forearms. Pumping up those muscles is also essential if you want your arm muscles to pop with definition.

Some benefits of working your triceps regularly include:

  • Builds upper body strength
  • Stabilizes the shoulder joints
  • Improves flexibility for sports and daily activity
  • May contribute to wins in bodybuilding competitions
  • Tightens the upper arm to prevent flapping

That last point is important. If you worry that your arms will flap back and forth when you wave your hand, working your triceps can help.

When to Work Your Triceps

Triceps are usually worked along with other arm muscles, but there are a variety of exercises that will isolate them for more focused results. They work their best when they’re surrounded by healthy, strong muscles in the arms and back, so upper body workouts are important to your fitness routine.

How to Find Tricep Workouts

There are a variety of ways to find workouts that will hit your triceps on a routine basis, including:

  • Working with a personal trainer. A trainer or instructor of a group fitness class should have the training to work your triceps as well as other muscles of the upper body. Working one-on-one is the best way to ensure your workouts are consistent and effective, but that’s also an expensive option.
  • Working with an online fitness coach. Online coaching is sometimes more affordable than working directly with a personal trainer and is often more focused on specific fitness goals. For instance, a bodybuilder may work his triceps differently than a figure skater or dancer.
  • Download workout apps. If you want to get in quick tricep workouts that are easy to perform in a hotel room while traveling or in your bedroom on a snow day, there are a variety of workout apps that will fit your needs. Just don’t expect them to delivery top-notch workouts designed to help you meet serious fitness goals.

You can also invest in customized workout plans designed by a professional with years of personal experience. That’s your best option if you want to see what a pro would do to not only strengthen those triceps but build a body that performs and looks its best at all times.