Saturday, September 23

How to Make the Most of Full Root Access in Dedicated Server Hosting?


When it comes to web hosting plans, there’s a wide range of choices available, from the basic Shared Hosting to the top-tier Dedicated Server Hosting. The newer websites mostly choose Shared Hosting plans for affordable hosting solutions. On the other hand,  bigger companies choose Dedicated Hosting for the privacy, security and performance it offers. Dedicated Hosting plans may be expensive, but they’re worth every penny you pay for them. 

So why do big businesses prefer a Dedicated Server Web Hosting setup for their websites?

Dedicated Hosting has speed, performance and flexibility. But it has one more feature that makes big companies buy a Dedicated Hosting Server, full root access. While some other platforms offer root access too, it takes on a special significance in Dedicated Server Hosting. It gives you the ability to fully customise your hosting environment.

Here’s how you can make the most of the full root access in Dedicated Server Hosting.

What is root access?

In hosting, the full root access gives you entry into your server’s root directory and edit all the possible settings that you can to suit your website’s needs. It is a powerful tool that gives you complete control over your website’s hosting platform. A wrong move can impact the website in more ways than one. With root access, you can:

  • Access, edit and delete any file on the server
  • Custom-configure your server for the best performance
  • Install any applications that your website will need

In short, it gives you an administrator’s access to your hosting server. Here’s how you can make the most of your root access in Dedicated Server Website Hosting plans.

  1. Really configure your hosting

When your site is hosted in a shared environment, there’s almost negligible scope for custom configuration. With root access in Dedicated Server Hosting, you can set up your hosting server as you see fit for your website’s specific needs. Your website will give you much better performance with custom configuration rather than the default one.

  1. Install custom software

In other hosting platforms, you do not get the freedom to install any custom software that your website needs to run properly. Since root access allows you the freedom to install any software, you can supercharge your website with custom functionality. You can not only install the apps but also make sure that they are configured properly to give their best performance.

  1. Shore up your website security

With your root access, you’re finally in control of your website’s security. Dive deep into the settings and fortify your hosting from within so that it stays safe from hackers and malware. If you do not have the expertise to set it up on your own, get professional help.

  1. Ensure stability

With root access, you can make sure that you set up your hosting environment to offer maximum stability and reliability to your website. You can do this by taking care of all vulnerabilities and uncertainties at the root level. You not only ensure that your website delivers the best performance but also make sure that it remains up and available to its users.

With root access, you can ensure the best combination of features for your website, without compromising on anything.

Want to know 5 more things that you can do with root access to your server? Check out the below video: