Selling A Timeshare Without A Broker


Selling a timeshare can be a tricky or even risky process, especially if you do not know where to look or who to approach. But then, people who are increasingly looking to sell their timeshares want to avoid upfront costs, and this is due to the increase in the number of timeshare ownerships. With a good timeshare lawyer on your side, you have nothing to worry about.

Although, the reality is that there are only a few legitimate avenues available for these owners, and with so many people being duped out of their hard-earned money by fraudulent companies, it can indeed be difficult to know where to turn. So let’s check out how you can sell your timeshare yourself.

Check Out Your Papers

First, you have to revisit your original contract and all other paperwork about the timeshare. This is vital as you’ll need this information before you even try selling it. Go through all the details of the contract — the location (including the country), the name of the resort or developer, the size and description, and any other amenities included in the timeshare. Check to find out if you have an actual deed to the property or if it’s a “right to use” agreement. Even if it says you have a deed, you still want to get a physical copy of this deed. Most times, these deeds are usually held by the resort or a trusted company instead of given to you. 

Involving a timeshare lawyer is highly recommended here.

Research Your Timeshare’s market value

Also, do well to research your timeshare’s value so you have realistic expectations about your timeshare’s worth. Try to find out if there are other timeshares similar to yours on the market. Although you can’t view a timeshare as an investment because it never appreciates, timeshares go down in value worse than new cars do.

Try selling your timeshare

The truth is selling your timeshare yourself is risky. You want to use a professional because the complexities of selling properties like timeshares require not only specific knowledge about the whole procedure but also special access to the market.


You can sell your timeshare with a licensed broker without paying any upfront fees. However, if you have any outstanding dues or are behind on your timeshare maintenance fees, you will need to pay them off first.

A good broker can help sell your timeshare even when the average owner finds it difficult to find a buyer in today’s weakened resale market. They know how to set a good price for your timeshare, properly market the property, and get it sold for a profit.