How do you get rid of mosquitoes naturally?


The summer sounds include a lot of annoying mosquitoes humming, but there is a lot you can do to reduce the size of this post so that you can enjoy the wonderful summer days, and here we will learn how you can get rid of mosquitos naturally, and mosquitos represent a health hazard for all family members.

Mosquito-borne diseases that kill a million people worldwide each year include malaria, yellow fever, and encephalitis, most common in the United States, the West Nile virus, and mosquitoes carry a heartworm, a disease that threatens dogs ’lives, so it is worth making an effort To control and kill mosquitoes around your home to reduce your risk of paralysis, here are some tips that you can get rid of mosquitoes naturally.

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Do not give mosquitoes a place close to reproduction:

Most mosquitoes cannot fly more than one to three miles, and some mosquitoes, such as the Asian mosquitoes, have a flight group of no more than 100 yards or so, so they are always looking for a landing place or a place to lay eggs, and water is an attractive option, getting rid of standing water Mosquitoes reproduce by emptying plant pot dishes, getting rid of old tires, cleaning rain gutters, and changing water often in ponds, and don’t leave pet dishes filled with water outside when your pets are inside, look for water that Pool covers, pool and lockers Garbage, Valtjul take a closer look to fix the problem, and will not be a place for mosquitoes to lay eggs.

Do not give mosquitoes a place to roam during the day:

Like fellow vampires, adult mosquitoes rest during the day, mosquitoes spend daylight hours hiding among plants, reducing mosquito shelter in your yard by cutting weeds and keeping the grass short, and spraying the lower ends of shade trees, shrubs, and other plants using products Households containing deltamethrin and llama cyaltherin reduce the number of adult mosquitoes, according to the American Mosquito Control Association.

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Planting some natural mosquito repellant plants:

You can grow a garden full of your pest control by choosing plants that keep mosquitoes natural, and there are all kinds of beautiful herbs and flowers that look great but also have powerful repellent properties, and adding most of these plants also resists flies, diseases that cannot be seen and other annoying insects that They make the outdoors not fun in the summer, and some herbs to consider are basil, lavender, lemon, lemon thyme, mint, and rosemary, and if the flowers look more attractive, try marigolds or the popular Lantana.

Using the appropriate mosquito repellent:

Once breathed, the mosquitoes will head for you, so the mosquitoes are attracted to the heat from our bodies and the carbon dioxide in our breath, and that the mosquitoes are able to locate their target by tracking the paths of exhalation, and if you exercise strongly, you will produce more carbon dioxide for a short time, and you may be Then it’s more attractive to mosquitoes, and if you feel bitten by mosquitoes, your options are to stop breathing (not a real choice) or go inside, or you can make yourself less attractive to thirsty blood suckers.

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There are a number of proven insect repellants that provide hours of protection, and there are four repellents that have been approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency, Picardine, Lemon Eucalyptus Oil, and IR3535, which is an amino acid that interferes with the mosquito’s sense of smell.

EPA provides these guidelines for the safe use of mosquito repellants:

* Mosquito repellent materials should only be used on exposed skin or clothing and not under clothing.

* Do not use near eyes and mouth, and weak use around the ears.

* When using sprays, do not spray directly on your face, spray on your hands first and then wipe the face.

* Never use mosquito repellent on wounds or irritated skin.

* After returning home, wash treated skin and clothing with soap and water.

In fact, a 2003 Michigan State University study revealed how the electric fan tampered with the ability of mosquitoes to fly, and university insects tested electric fans with mosquito traps established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in wetlands in Michigan, and they used carbon monoxide in traps To seduce mosquitoes, but they found that the distraction outside of the fans severely reduced the number of mosquitoes discovered.