Guide To Personal Injury Claims


Accidents can happen anytime in California, and people can sustain various injuries from such instances. People in Irvine, California, will need a reputable personal injury lawyer Irvine to help with their insurance claims when caught in an accident, but they must also keep several things in mind to have a successful personal injury claim.

Personal injury victims shouldn’t admit anything related to the event, or they could be held liable, and their case goes against them. Although hearsay isn’t enough to be treated as evidence, witnesses can quote them and use them against the victim.

Accident victims may feel fine after going through an accident, but it’s no reason to decline any medical treatment or deny injuries. Filing a personal injury claim after denying having injuries doesn’t make sense, and the earlier statement can be used against you in court. People who got through an accident may be suffering from brain hemorrhage or other injuries without knowing it.

You shouldn’t give any recorded statement regarding the accident since the other party can easily use it against you. You have no obligation to give anyone a recorded statement.

People must immediately inform their insurance company of the accident since they can help the victim receive legal assistance regarding the accident. An insurer might even provide an auto accident attorney Irvine to help their client.

For more information regarding personal injury claims, see this infographic by Avrek Law.