What are Raw Pet Foods in Houston Made Of?


All pet parents know that pets need to eat healthy food to stay strong and disease free. This means they must pay attention to the ingredients in the pet food they buy. The ingredients should be of top-notch quality and nutritious. Such pet food is guaranteed at Paws Food Express, which focuses on producing quality pet food for your dog.

Raw pet food made of quality ingredients helps boost the pet’s overall health. It helps enhance their skin health and makes the coat shiny. It also improves breathe and general smell. Dogs also tend to have improved eyesight and better stool when they eat raw pet food.

Usually, dogs need a balance of excellent diet and activity to thrive. However, diet, lifestyle, age, and breed affect the dog’s diet. Younger dogs need more calories compared to mature dogs. However, smaller species need less food compared to larger pet breeds.

Besides these, pet owners must pay attention to their pets’ allergy concerns. Quality pet food is essential regardless of the parameters determining your pet’s dietary needs.

Paws Food Express is the right team to partner with. They deliver high-quality raw pet food to dog owners in Houston and its surroundings. You can contact them for deliveries of pet foods and treats around Pearland, Sugarland, Katy, Richmond, Spring, The Woodlands, Cypress, and Kingwood. We will deliver within 30 miles of our store and ensure your order conveniently gets to you. Call us today to make your order from the variety of brands we have.

Before ordering your raw dog food, it helps to understand a few things about this type of pet food. Adopting a new feeding system is easier once you appreciate its benefits to your dogs.

What Exactly is Raw Pet Food?

Typically, raw pet food consists of muscle meats, bones, some dairy, vegetables, and fruits. These are combined in specific ratios that are safe for dogs. Sometimes the combination of ingredients depends on the manufacturer. The good news is that Pawas Food Express only works with manufacturers prioritizing quality.

Check out the variety of foods with different ingredients and select the ones your dogs will likely love. You can order different types of raw pet food each time until you figure out what your pets like most. Different ingredients’ combinations vary, which makes the foods unique.

Prioritize Safety when Handling Raw Pet Food

Even as you choose the right raw pet food for your dog, handle the food cautiously. Wash hands when preparing the meals, and store the foods correctly. Disinfect the serving dishes and thaw the pet food in the fridge. Keep the pet food frozen until it is needed.

Get Quality Pet Food from the Start

Paws Food Express is your go-to for all premium and top-quality raw pet food in Houston. Be sure to make your orders now. Investing in your pet’s health by choosing the right quality raw pet food is cheaper in the long run.