Fixed vs Portable Gas Detector Models in Singapore


To choose the most appropriate detection solution, you must first understand the nature of the gas or vapour threat you are attempting to reduce. Gas detectors have two types: fixed and portable. Most models come with a particle counter. However, one is better suited for more specific applications.

Fixed Gas Detectors

Fixed gas detectors function similarly to fire and smoke alarms. On-site gas detectors look for specific target gases and link to a control panel. The detection system activates auditory and visual signals to notify employees of the danger. Most also come with a particle counter that calculates the amount of gas and determines if it reaches a dangerous level. More complex installations can warn other monitoring systems, initiate shut-down systems, log and trend data, link to cloud-based systems, and perform other things. The gas detector may need complex calibration from experienced service providers.

Benefits of Fixed Detectors

  • Round-the-clock atmosphere monitoring.
  • Carrying out safety measures: shutting down gas supply, issuing site-wide warnings.
  • Remote alarm options include GSM/SMS email notifications and cloud monitoring.
  • Unambiguous alerts if specifications are correct.
  • Document events for HSE purposes.
  • Record data for trending purposes.

Portable/Personal Gas Detectors

People can carry or fasten portable gas detector models in Singapore to clothes as part of personal protective equipment (PPE). They can check and alert for potentially dangerous gases that could reach the human respiratory. It can also detect if it surpasses safety limits using a particle counter. Portable gas detectors may check for single gas or up to seven. Depending on the application, they may be diffusion-based or pumped and come with a conductivity sensor.

Benefits of Portable Detectors

  • Efficient implementation.
  • Allows integration for man down or lone worker alerts.
  • Central and remote tracking of equipment.

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