Christmas in Menorca: Joyful & peaceful for the family!


Although Menorca is not as recognized for its large numbers of events, nor is it a tourist destination as famous as its older sisters Majorca and Ibiza are, the truth is that this small island does not leave behind when it comes to preparations to receive its visitors, especially in these Christmas seasons.

Although other Balearic islands are more recognized in terms of the enormous festivals that are celebrated in these, Menorca for its part is rather highly valued for the opposite; And it is that while for some saying goodbye to the year in huge mass parties is the ideal (something that the pandemic has made more difficult), there is always another group of people who prefer the simplest and most calm things, for which the atmosphere of peace and tranquility that Menorca offers is more than just perfect.

There’s a lot to see & do in Menorca this season!

Unlike last year, when the Balearic Islands had a perennial alert to the pandemic, this year the advances in vaccination and the standardization of sanitary measures have managed to lower this level of alert, thus allowing this time from the council itself promote a hectic schedule of activities in different places throughout the island.

This year the activities behind closed doors could be held with greater freedom, and in terms of public events most of the sanitary measures still prevail.

This year however, we will be able to find an immense variety of activities, all with different dates that even extend until the first days of next year.

Due to the variety of events and their locations, visitors are also recommended to use private vehicles to avoid the accumulation of people in places designated for public transport. During these seasons it is also quite advisable to visit de car hire menorca websites to find out about their out of season fares, which tend to be cheaper out of the summer season.

And it is that this year we can find a busy cultural agenda on the island, from plays, as well as events such as the devfest for those interested in technology, presentations of music bands in the capital city, and even art workshops for the smallest of the house in which they will be taught to make the gnomes of luck.

In addition to that, visitors and locals alike will be able to visit all the decorations and beautification of the island for the Christmas festivities, during which some of the main streets will even be set with music of the season.