A Sunroom’s Size Can Affect How It’s Used


The designs of today’s sunrooms can vary widely. Some people enjoy having fairly narrow sunrooms, which can seem very cozy and relaxing. However, a much larger new sunroom might be somewhat more versatile.

Bigger Sunrooms

Sunrooms are often relatively small, but there are plenty of sunrooms that are expansive enough for dinner tables and living room furniture sets. People might have more than enough outdoor space for Florida sunrooms like that.

Lots of people enjoy having lunch and other meals outside. It’s sometimes messy to do so, however, especially for the people planning a big meal. People who serve meals in their sunrooms will already feel a little like they’re eating outside. It might also seem like eating at an outdoor table at a restaurant.

Of course, they still won’t have to worry about rain, which can be an issue for people eating outdoors. Not all sunrooms have amenities like air conditioning, but it’s certainly possible to add them. A big new sunroom will give people lots of options when they’re planning different events.

Changing Patios

Some sunrooms might essentially be new rooms entirely, even though sunrooms are sometimes considered to be different from other additions. These sunrooms will often have roofs over them. The sunrooms won’t look that much different from other parts of the house.

Other sunrooms are simpler, and they might look more like outdoor patios. Taking patios and making them full sunrooms may be the right plan for the people who want sunrooms. They might have space for both a sunroom and a patio, however.

People can appreciate the view outside from several angles if they have a patio and sunroom. They might be able to stay in the sunroom for a larger amount of time, since it’s an enclosed space. People may also want the open space that a patio provides.