Saturday, September 23

6 Cleaning Tips For Homes With Vinyl Wood Flooring


Vinyl flooring has got to be the most excellent choice for any home. It’s durable, has a long-lasting strength, and is beautiful. These are particularly applied in kitchen and bathroom settings. Whether laminated, marble, vinyl or whatever HDB flooring you’re planning to get, proper maintenance is required to extend its life and keep it as good as new.

In this article, you’ll find six tips for your vinyl wood flooring maintenance and care.

1. Doormat is a must!

Doormats keep the dirt away from your vinyl flooring. Chemicals, dirt, sand, mud, and the like are the greatest enemies to vinyl floors. It may result in discolouration and turn it into yellowish wood.

2. Frequent Light Cleaning

Frequent light cleaning helps retain the floor’s cleanliness with no scratches. The best way to clean your vinyl wood flooring is by using a soft broom. Don’t forget to clean corners and underneath furniture.

3. Avoid Abrasive Cleaners

Avoid bleach and other harsh cleaning products for vinyl flooring. It’s highly not recommended as it can stain the shine from your floor. You may use dish soaps, apple cider vinegar, or specialised cleaners for vinyl floors.

4. Clean Spills

Spilling drinks can happen anytime. Always wipe off or clean spills right away to prevent stains from your flooring. Any liquid spill can cause discolouration and stains on vinyl wood flooring.

5. Avoid Dragging Heavy Home Pieces

When moving furniture or appliances, consider using floor protectors or pieces of plywood to prevent scuff, scratch, or dents.

6. Avoid Steam Mops

Steam mops may do more harm than good. It may cause damages to vinyl flooring such as floor swelling, delamination, joint-line separating, and warping.

Vinyl wood flooring is durable and cost-efficient. The typical vinyl flooring price per piece in Singapore is S$5.50-S$6. Aside from the costs, it’s also comfortable underfoot and reduces noise. Vinyl flooring comes in a broad variety of colours, patterns, and lifelike wood grains.

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