A Night at The Houston Murder Mystery Theater


The Houston murder mystery theater presents exceptional events that are hosted several times throughout the month. Local residents and visitors are welcome to visit the theater for a great story and unique dining experience. The stories are set in modern times and offer a chance to solve a more realistic murder case.

Spending an Evening at the Hilton Houston Plaza

Dinner Detective shows are hosted at the Hilton Houston Plaza and provide for an amazing evening for everyone. Guests have a unique experience and set up a night that is unforgettable. The show offers a dazzling performance by an amazing cast of characters, and they put a lot of work into preparing for each show. The performance dates are available for all patrons through the theater’s website and offer specific details about each show.

What’s For Dinner?

With each performance, the guests get a four-course meal that starts with an appetizer of the chef’s choice and a bistro salad. All guests get to choose their own entree from options including honey lime and herbed chicken, summer pesto grilled salmon, and baked vegetable napoleon stack.

The meal ends with chocolate cake, and all patrons can enjoy iced tea or coffee any time they want. All foods are prepared to perfection and give guests a delicious meal to enjoy while participating in the murder mystery show.

A Realistic Murder Mystery Event

The murder mysteries present a realistic murder investigation that starts with the discovery of the victim. The guests travel through the entire journey while receiving clues about the murder. They discover hints and possibilities throughout the evening and have a chance to solve the mystery at the end. Each new character is a new possible suspect, and the guests can work as a team to identify the killer. The stories are based in modern times and won’t present old-world stories that are difficult to follow.

What You Should Know About the Performance

During the performance, there will be realistic gunshots and some blackout periods that may be disruptive for some guests. Characters will have gun props during the performance, and visitors who are uncomfortable about guns or have conditions that are triggered by gunfire may not find the theater to be an appropriate choice.

What You Should Do Before Arriving

Before arriving at the theater, all guests should ensure they meet the current dress code. It is dressy casual, and jeans are not acceptable. It is recommended that patrons book their reservations ahead of time and print out a confirmation of their order. The theater appreciates it if the guests arrive at least 15 minutes before the performance. This will give all the visitors enough time to find their seats without disrupting the show or disturbing other guests.

Houston is an exceptional location for a murder mystery, and patrons can enjoy a show at the local dinner theater. The events are hosted at the Hilton Houston Plaza, and all residents and visitors are welcome. Patrons can set up their reservation by visiting the dinner theater website now.