How to update Flash Player on Mac?


For many years, the flash player has been an important aspect to be able to watch interactive animations, videos, and web ads. However, currently, the flash player had to take a back seat because of some security issues and the availability of safer alternatives. Google Chrome has built-in Flash that runs on sandboxed mode. The sandboxed mode is considered safer than running it as a plug-in. From the advent of Mac OS Sierra, the flash player has been disabled by Apple, as Apple wants its users to be running content on HTML5. HTML5 is a new and safe way of browsing the web. If you still need the Flash Player on your system, you can search some of the best alternative to adobe flash player for Mac. We would help you with how to update your flash player.

Why look out for Flash updates?

Most of the Flash players including Adobe are trying to push its technology further towards advancements. That is the reason there are updates available. Every update enhances security and user experience. If you do not want to go with Adobe, you can find the best alternative to adobe flash player for Mac. Whichever flash player you choose, make sure to download them from a genuine website. The attackers are always finding new tricks to bluff you into downloading the malware and adware through the pop-ups. Therefore, always be careful and do not ever trust the automatic updates that are available on the internet.

How to update the Flash player on Mac?

After you have downloaded a good flash player of Adobe or any other best alternative to adobe flash player for Mac, you would have to keep updating them when the new updates are available. With the few simple steps, you would be able to update your flash player easily.

  • Firstly, you need to go to the Apple menu bar and select the option of “system preferences”.
  • From the many options on the “system preferences”, select the icon of the “flash player”.
  • After selection, click on the “updates” tab and select the option that says “allow Adobe to install updates (recommended)”.
  • You will now notice that there would be two options for updates. They are NPAPI and PPAPI plug-ins. NPAPI is used by Firefox and Safari. PPAPI us used by opera, chrome, and chromium.
  • Then, click on “check now” beside the option of NPAPI, which is for Safari. When you click on the check now, it will tell you if the latest version is installed. If it is not installed, the update would get updated automatically.

Is it considered safe to download Flash Player for Mac?

Adobe or any other best alternative to adobe flash player for Mac is not attempting to give malware to your system. However, there are risks involved in other ways. For example, if you are searching for a particular video on a specific site for download and the site probes you to download a Flash player on your system. If the site is illegitimate, there can be chances that your computer is exposed to any bugs or malware. Most of the websites that have rich video content support HTML5 and do not require a flash player to play. Hence, whenever you are indicated from a website to download the Flash player, be double sure before you download it right away. Not all websites are reliable. Get a good anti-virus installed in your system before you download anything from any website.

Installing a flash player with precautionary measures is fine. However, make sure to download a flash player from a reputed website. Also, keep in mind that you need to keep updating the player as and when new updates are available.