9 Mall Recommendations for Shopping Tour in Batam


Its strategic location makes the city of Batam visited by many tourists. This is because Batam is a city that is close to Singapore. The Singapore Strait only separates the two.

Judging from its geographical location, Batam is known as an industrial center city and a mining center. There are many luxurious and majestic malls to pamper the public and tourists who come to travel or deliberately spend time shopping in Batam.

For those of you who want to shop in Batam, you can visit the following nine mall recommendations!

1. Panbil Mall

This mall has three floors and has been around since 2008. The mall, located in the Muka Kuning area, is included in the list of the largest development centers in Batam. When visiting Panbil Mall, visitors will be pampered with a comfortable and elegant atmosphere.

Many interesting tenants are provided, including the Cinema XXI cinema, food, and beverage counters near the cinema, fashion, electronic needs, and household appliances. The prices offered are also very affordable. In addition, you can also enjoy the beautiful view of the protected area on the 3rd floor of Panbil Mall.

2. Kepri Mall

Providing around 100 outlets, Kepri Mall is known as one of the complete shopping centers in Batam. Not far from this mall there is a Radison hotel and a golf course. Of course, this benefits Kepri Mall because of its strategic location.

Please come directly to Carrefour Mega Mart on the first floor of the Riau Islands Mall if you are looking for affordable and quality housing. There are necessities at low prices and some typical Batam snacks.

After shopping for food, you can stop by first to the second floor, the right place for fashion and beauty that offers low prices. On the third floor it is no less interesting because a cinema can be watched with friends, couples, or family.

3. Nagoya Hill

Traveling in Batam is incomplete if you haven’t visited Nagoya Hill, which is the largest and most luxurious center in the city. Although popular with luxury, Nagoya Hill also offers a variety of cheap and quality products.

Many tenants are specializing in clothing, accessories, and restaurants. The lower floor for clothing is for food products, electronics, the first floor for snacks and food, on the third floor special children’s games and entertainment.

4. Mega Mall Batam Center

Mega Batam Center Mall is arguably the most strategic among other shopping centers, and the mall is integrated with the Batam Center Grand Mosque, Port, Mayor’s Office, DPR Office, and Bank Indonesia Office.

Mega Batam Center Mall has long been known as a shopping center for the public and tourists, and the 6-storey mall has a large parking area that can accommodate around 1000 vehicles. Many tenants are available, including branded products with the best quality, KFC, Gramedia bookstore, Timezone entertainment venues, Cinema XXI cinema, food and beverages.

5. Batam City Square

Want to find imported products with the best quality and low prices? The answer is in Batam City Square or commonly abbreviated (BCS Mall). There are many imported products available ranging from clothes, bags, clothes, shoes, and perfumes.

Including the largest and most luxurious mall in Batam, BCS Mall has an outside parking area that can accommodate 1000 vehicles. The mall consists of 6 floors with many tenants nationally and internationally, such as KFC, Gramedia Bookstore, Timezone entertainment venues, Cinema XXI cinema, food, and many tenants and beverages.

6. BayFront Mall

From Batam Ferry Terminal, visitors only need to walk about 10 minutes to reach BayFront Mall. The terminal can serve around 45,000 visitors each month from Singapore and Malaysia.

BayFront Mall is a suitable resting place for travelers. That’s because there are a lot of food and beverage tenants, Cinema XXI cinemas. In addition, there is also a special foot massage reflexology area on the second floor and a supermarket on the lower floor.

7. STC Mall Sekupang

You can also find cheap and quality goods at this mall, especially those who live in the Sekupang and Tiban areas. STC Mall Sekupang provides a variety of basic needs such as food and household items.

In addition, there are also many well-known local and international tenants such as branded fashion, food, drinks, and local entertainment.

8. Grand Batam Mall

Grand Batam Mall was indeed established in 2019. However, the enthusiasm of the local community has been seen since its inauguration. This mall, which is predicted to be the most luxurious in Batam, has many charms, one of which is a dancing fountain accompanied by colorful lights.

Many tenants are available, including Cinema XXI cinema, restaurants, fashion, Uniqlo, H&M, Simetri Coffee Batam, and popular is red velvet coffee located on the first floor.

9. Diamond City Mall

Lastly, there is Diamond City Mall which is located in Lubuk Baja. Unlike other malls, this is a shopping center where is specialized for Muslim women. Many products and tenants carry Islamic themes.

The goods also have good quality and low prices, both for local and foreign products. There are special clothes for Muslim women, and there are also suitable places to buy basic foodstuffs for daily needs. The tenants have supermarkets, food, drinks, and department stores.

That’s a recommendation for a luxurious and majestic mall that offers the best quality cheap product prices. How are you interested in visiting one of the malls above?Before you plan a trip to Batam, be sure to read more about Batam and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.