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What Insurance Policy Do I Need If I Only Use My Van for Personal And Not For Commercial?


The primary function of insurance is the support it offers the van owner. This is because, as you know, there are several risks that the driver faces daily, from physical damage to the van caused by accidents to cases of stealing and theft. This support guarantees that, if necessary, activate the insurer’s service, the customer will have the damages suffered compensated like in the case private van insurance.

Do You Know How It Works?

First, you will need an insurance broker. Through that person, you will hire an insurance company and pay them the insurance premium (i.e., the price).

The insurer will offer four different types of cheap van insurance online, which are:

  • comprehensive insurance
  • Insurance against theft 
  • Third party insurance
  • Passenger accident insurance

Now, I will explain to you a bit of the operation of each of the insurance mentioned above.

How Each Type Of Car Insurance Works

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance is, in a way, the most comprehensive insurance offered to customers. It encompasses (or, as its name suggests, understands) all other insurance divisions, offering a broader range of protection.

Comprehensive insurance protects your vehicle against the following risks:

collision, rollover, or skid, any object falling on the vehicle, damage caused by the transported, cargo, failure caused when the vehicle is transported;

damage done by third parties, flooding, flood, and flood, surf, gale, hail, hurricane, earthquake, rays, explosion or fire; and theft, total or partial (in partial, are the cases in which only parts of the vehicle are stolen, such as the stereo, for example).

As you can see, this is comprehensive cheap commercial van insurance. For this reason, in terms of values, it will also be the most expensive.

That is why it is essential, before evaluating your adhesion, to know if it is essential, considering that the driver will not always be subject to all these risks.

In this case, comprehensive insurance is more suitable for people who use the car a lot, such as traveling or working.

If this is not your case, rest assured. The other types of insurance coverage, which I will address now, will better cover your needs.

Theft Insurance

For your safety, it is essential to invest in insurance for your van. Before talking about this type of insurance, it is essential to clarify that there is a difference between theft and stealing, and many people consider these actions to be synonymous.

Therefore, the main difference between the two is related to the threat practiced by the person who is committing any of these crimes.

Therefore, theft is related to taking something from someone else through a severe threat or violence.

On the other hand, stealing is also misappropriation, but without the violence practiced in the theft and without the person noticing it at the time of the act.

Now that I have clarified this difference let’s go back to the description of this type of insurance.

Theft and theft insurance is one of the most requested by drivers.

Although it is less complete than comprehensive insurance, it can still cover other coverages, depending on the insurer: rays, fire, explosion, total theft or theft of the vehicle, collision, rollover, and skidding (in situations of stolen or stolen vehicle), theft of sound equipment (if it is original to the car); and total collision loss.

However, even with this more excellent approach, it is the cheap van insurance online that must obligatorily offer coverage for theft and robbery.

It is essential to mention that, in case of theft, this van insurance cover offers compensation only in situations where the vehicle is not found.

Besides, if additional coverage is not considered, damages that do not reach 75% of the car’s value are borne by the contractor.

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