5 Unbelievable facts about Rummy


Online Rummy is gaining massive popularity in the digital gaming industry. People from India and various other nations resort to this fun, easy to play and very gripping game of Rummy with friends and family alike. Online Rummy gameis completely legalized and free from any speculations. The less known facts about the enjoyable game have been listed below –

  1. The birth and advent of the Rummy game is still a mystery. The place, age, the period of origin remain unclear. Some people believe that it was originated in the 19th century somewhere in Spain whereas some people say it was conceptualized from French Poker. It is also believed that the game came into existence inspired bya Chinese game called ‘Mahjong’. The derivation of the name comes from Rum Poker. Earlier it was played as a family game but now with the advent of technology, the digital gaming industry has undergone a revolution. Rummy is the most popular card game.
  2. Rummy is popular across the globe and is liked more because it is enjoyment enriched, simple and stress-busting exercise. It converts leisure into pleasure and money-making endeavour. It is widely adopted as a brain game, which improves and ensures that the player is alert and mentally active throughout. Rummy is one of the most frequently played card games and captivates players through various online portals like the very famous and regulated site RummyPassion. It instills in its players the ability to think logically and multitask at the same time.
  3. In earlier daysrummy was played as a family game just like any other board game you may have heard about. It therefore inculcated a sense of belongingness, and people had a reason to connect more often.A game like rummy involvesmultiple players; therefore, it has enabled in giving rise to a sense of community and an opportunity to socialise.
  4. Studies have revealed that Rummy players have better motor coordination and understanding of complex mathematical skills and visual learning capacity. Not only does this boost your cognitive abilities but it also makes you aware of what another person might be thinking by reasoning their gestures and stances.
  5. The game has some 20 variations. The most prevalent and liked variations are the Indian rummy, gin rummy, Kalooki and a few more. From simple to complex, there are is a wide range of rummy games to suit the needs of each player.

Rummy is therefore only increasing in its popularity with the online portals coming up. Once upon a time, only rich people could afford a deck of cards to play with and now almost everyone has a deck of cards, either at home or at work. This game of sheer skill is declared as excluded from the laws concerning gambling and speculative activities like betting. Initially to play rummy, one need to meet friends and finalize a place to play. However, with the new age portals like Rummy Passion, the game along with multiple players is available just at the finger tip of your smart phone or laptop.It is easy to connect with friends and engage in a game or two of Rummy.