How to Make your Condo Beautiful Easily


A condominium or Condo is a type of living space that is similar to apartments but is independently sellable. The building structure is divided which are individually owned along with some common areas that are jointly owned. Condos are becoming more popular as the population increases in cities. There are lots of available Condos in Chatuchak (คอนโด จตุจักร which is the term in Thai). As a condo is smaller than a single family home, decorating it can be a little trickier but not tough. So here are some ideas to beautifully decorate your new condo to match your style and taste.

·       Colors

Decoration depends on the personal style and likings of an individual, but knowing what will look good in your space is also important. Choosing the wall color is one of the most essential choices for the interior of a house. As a condo offers a smaller space, colors that will open up and brighten the rooms are the best choices. The most popular colors for a condo are generally white, peach, sky blue, or grey. These colors make the rooms feel bigger than they are. The peach or similar toned blush shades make a room feel warm and cozy. The blue offers a cool and calming sensation. Whites and grays are very modern color choices that make a condo look chic and stylish.

·       Storage

Condos generally are smaller which is preferred by lots of people. Having a smaller place also means you have to be attentive to all the storage spaces. Try to utilize most of the space available. You can get custom cabinets for your kitchens and bathrooms or get beds with storage compartments inside below. Multi-functional furniture also maximizes the utilization of space. Try to keep your condo organized and you’ll have fewer troubles.

·       Accessories

You need items in a Condo that will make the place look bigger and more open. Having a full-length mirror in a room disperses the natural light entering it and makes it look more spacious. Floor-to-ceiling curtains make a room look taller. Get plants for your rooms as a decorating item. These few things will change the look and feel of a Condo substantially.

Owning homes comes with a lot of responsibilities but with a Condo in Chatuchak, this responsibility is shared so you can worry less. We hope that we helped you with decorating your Condo and making it into a living space you’ll enjoy.