4 Things Traveller Should Pay Attention Before Leaving to Batam Indonesia


You will discover getting around Batam Island easy and inexpensive due to its comparatively compact size. However, choices of transportation are limited in contrast to Bali and Jakarta. The bus system that was recently launched had become a significant commuting choice for lots of folks.

Taxis here are more convenient and give faster access though not one of them are metered so you’ll need to arrange a price. There’s a bus from MegaMall to many major resorts and hotels, including to Jodoh, one of the commercial centres in Batam.

Guideline for Traveller

There’s a time zone difference though Batam is half an hour from Singapore. Don’t forget to set your watch whilst. The town is safe during the day. It’s ideal to avoid walking alone at night in Nagoya’s amusement area. Visitors must beware of pickpockets in the marketplace. Busses aren’t as busy as the ones in large cities such as Yogkarata or even Jakarta.

In Batam, many shops in shopping malls and new markets also take Singapore dollars (SGD). Money exchange counters and banks are situated in Nagoya, in addition to some branches running in Waterfront and Nongsa City.

Weather in Batam

The climate and weather of Batam are similar to the neighbouring nations like Singapore and Johor Bahru. This island has a tropical climate with no certain seasons. The average humidity is 80 percent, with the lowest is 60 percent and could reach nearly 100 percent. The ideal time to visit Batam is through the dry season between September and May. Between April and October, tropical rainfalls and sunny days alternate.

Public Transportation

  • Buses

The Batam local authorities recently launched a bus service called the ‘Bus Pilot Project’. The blue buses operate between Batam Centre at Batu and Nagoya Aji. Travellers purchase tickets before boarding. Air-conditioned minibuses (the natives call them with Metro Trans) run fixed routes between Jodoh and Telaga Punggur. Below are some destinations:

  1. Jodoh to Sembulang via Sukajadi
  2. Jodoh to Galang Baru via Sukajadi
  3. Dapur to Mukakuning
  4. Dapur to Jodoh via Sukajadi
  • Taxi Car

Batam has lots of taxis though none of them is equipped with a tube, nor do they have a reasonable price. Taking a cab might need just small bargaining. Once the taxi drivers estimate a price tag cut it in half or less and go from that point. Taxi conditions are not right, although they are the most convenient and quickest way.

Whether your trips take you to a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts or urban attractions, extra research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Batam by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.