10 things to check when it comes to selecting standing workstations!


Buying your first standing desk can be an overwhelming affair. Using standing desks has many benefits, such as increased productivity and reduced back pain and fatigue. That’s because you are not in a sedentary sitting position for too long. These desks are also called standup desks, or standing workstations. Do not confuse standing desks with standing desk converters; the latter converts your existing desk into one that can be adjusted. Websites such as primecables.ca have a wide range of standing desks to choose from, and in this post, we are sharing 10 things to check before you buy one.

  1. You are buying a standing workstation because you expect more comfort while working, and the desk needs to be comfortable for both sitting and standing positions.
  2. Many standup desks are adjusted electrically, and these are better than the manual ones as far as settings and ease of use are concerned.
  3. Programmable features. If you are using an electronic standing workstation, you have to consider this pointer. The best ones have alert systems and preset settings for adjustments.
  4. To what extent you can adjust the desk is determined by the minimum and maximum height. This is an important aspect to consider while evaluating options.
  5. It goes without saying that electronic standing workstations need to have a warranty, anywhere between one to five years, depending on the brand selected.
  6. Check if the selected product has good reviews and you can actually rely on the brand for aftersales service.
  7. Many standing workstations don’t have a tabletop, more so because customers like to customize that. Check how much an extra tabletop will add to the costs.
  8. With something as futuristic as a standing workstation you need to check the design, which has to look professional and appealing for a workplace.
  9. This is an aspect that many buyers often forget about. Keep in mind that your desk needs to sturdy enough to work and hold the monitor in place. Avoid anything that’s wobbly.
  10. Finally, do check if the product can hold enough weight. Always select a standing workstation that’s meant to last for at least a few years, and if that means paying a tad more, that’s never a bad idea.

Think of standing workstations for the future and find a product that’s meant to perform and doesn’t make a lot of noise. Changing position at the desk should be an easy job!