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What to Look For in a Legit Online Pharmacy and How to Spot a Fake


As a result of the recent pandemic and consequential stay-at-home orders, the mail-order prescription business grew by around 23 percent since last year. While the increase in these services is convenient, there are many illegal imposters out there.

In fact, around 97 percent of online pharmacies are fake. This can be dangerous and even deadly for those with serious medical conditions.

Are you looking for a way to get your prescriptions online so you can skip the long waits and crowded pharmacies? Keep reading to know what to look for in a legit online pharmacy and how to spot a fake one.

A Legit Online Pharmacy Should: Require a Valid Prescription

Is a U.S. pharmacy online legit? Are online Canadian pharmacies legit?

The biggest red flag from an online pharmacy website is if it doesn’t require a valid prescription. Any legitimate pharmacy, online or in-person, should make you present a valid prescription given to you by a doctor for all medications.

If you can check out without proof of a valid prescription, don’t buy anything from that website. It isn’t a legal pharmacy and could result in you taking medications without the active ingredient or with the wrong active ingredients, which could be detrimental to your health.

Visit for a legal online pharmacy legit sources approve of. They work with pharmacies licensed in Canada and can ship all over the world if you have a valid prescription from a doctor in your country.

Require a Valid Address in Your Country

A legit online pharmacy should require a valid street address when shipping your medications.

This means you shouldn’t be allowed to list a P.O. box. Your address needs to match up with the address on your I.D. or driver’s license, so you shouldn’t be able to list your friend or family member’s address when buying medication online.

Be Licensed by a State or Region

Online pharmacies need to be licensed in your state and the state their business is located in the United States. In other countries like Canada, they should be licensed by the appropriate organizations.

If an online pharmacy has no proof of licensing, find another website. This is a tell-tale sign of an illegitimate online pharmacy.

Have a Licensed Pharmacist for Assistance

When searching for ‘Rx online pharmacy legit,’ make sure you read legit online pharmacy reviews. If people complained that they weren’t offered help, look into the website a little further.

A legit online pharmacy should provide you with a licensed pharmacist to answer your questions. Just like an in-person pharmacy, a licensed pharmacist needs to be available when you pick up your prescription so they can answer any questions you may have about the medication you’re prescribed.

Medicate Safely

Now you know what to look for in a legit online pharmacy. Keep these warning signs in mind when searching for online pharmacies to avoid the illegitimate ones.

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