Defensive Sigma Guide | Overwatch guides


Sigma is a hero that created the double barrier meta in Overwatch. You could hate or bless it but you cannot neglect the fact that he is worthy of a separate place in the history of Overwatch. That is a hero that created the whole new meta and this meta is literally indestructible, nothing could stop Sigma Mains from owning everything while they are busy with the boost Overwatch business at I do not think that it is possible for players to break this meta, so all we could do – is to wait until Blizzard’s developers fix that little issue. But until then, you better learn how to play as Sigma and how to utilize his defensive abilities.

Right not every competitive match has only two tanks, Orisa and Sigma and if you are interested in climbing the Overwatch you need to master these two heroes and their defensive kits. When to use the Experimental Barrier, the best ways of using it, and much more Barrier tricks could be found in this guide. But this not all, I will highlight the most interesting ways of utilizing the Kinetic Grasp and how you could ruin someone’s day with one simple usage of this NON-ULTIMATE ability. As soon as you learn it, you will be able to almost solo-carry games as efficiently as Zarya can.

Soak everything with the Kinetic Grasp

Kinetic Grasp is one of the most interesting abilities in the game that is allowing you to neglect the effects of most abilities in Overwatch. Moreover, 40% of the absorbed damage will be converted into Sigma’s temporary health as a shield. This awesome skill could be used to completely nullify the ultimate abilities of such heroes as Pharah, Reaper and even Zarya.

Another interesting usage of this ability is to shield your allies while your Experimental Barrier is restoring or while your team is moving from cover to cover, closing the distance between you and enemies. Kinetic Grasp lasts for two seconds and together with the Barrier must be used to freely move through the battlefield.

Strongest Barrier in the game – Experimental Barrier

The ability that is confusing everyone – Experimental Barrier is an extremely durable shield and if you will learn how to use it, you will nullify any advantage of an enemy. This barrier has 1500 hp with the 0.2 casting time and could be deployed anywhere, even in the air. That is where this shield wins the battle with Orisa’s barrier, but there is one thing that is a little worse than Orisa’s barrier. It could not be left out without your attention, it will regenerate only when you are recalling it so do not deploy it until you recharge the barrier. That is the main reason why he is off-tank, deploy the Experimental Barrier only when Orisa’s main barrier is close to destruction and recall it as soon as your partner place another one.

The best Sigma players are continuously moving their barriers around the battlefield, this is called as a pulsating motion. The secret is next – as soon as shield’s durability will be decreased to zero recall it and then send it back immediately. This approach will minimize the soaking potential of the shield but maximize the protective zone of the Experimental Barrier. With the pulse motion, your enemies would meet a lot of troubles while they are searching for the greatest opportunity to land a high-cooldown ability. They just could not predict where and when you will deploy your next barrier.

Playing as Sigma you need to look for an opportunity to deploy a barrier while you still have a cover. Use everything you have in your toolkit, both Kinetic Grasp and Experimental Barrier to switch your positions from cover to cover. In the current meta you will play with Orisa 90% of your playtime, so learn to use your Barriers to cover her cooldown. This barrier will be useful even if you are playing with the aggressive teammates, thanks to the ability to deploy and recall the Experimental Barrier without a cooldown. Orisa just could not find herself a use if she are playing in dive composition, she needs at least 12 seconds between movements, while Sigma could quickly change his position and use Kinetic Grasp in between, to let his barrier recharge a little.