Tips for choosing the house doors: interior and entry


Thinking of taking advantage of the reform to change the interior doors of the house? Do you think that with a sliding door you would make better use of the space? If you are thinking of changing or updating the doors of your home, in this article we bring you closer to the different solutions that exist. HDB door will help you to personalize the environments. It is why it is important to choose them carefully when planning a reform.

The choice of the access door to the house

The choice of the front door is determined by the type of dwelling. If it is a home in a neighboring building, it will be necessary to adhere to the model and corporate finishes of the community, although the interior color of the door can be customized and the security chapter can be influenced, shielding or armored it. Among security doors, armored ones are the best option.

Doors for the living room and noble areas

In old houses it was common to have a double door with a glass window in the living rooms. They could be folding or sliding, and it is still a solution to consider in many things where the hall is very dark. To make environments more open-plan, sliding door models both in tempered glass with exposed fittings and doors embedded in a double partition in the wall triumph. If you opt for the traditional folding models, the possibilities of choice are very extensive, and they range from noble woods to molded, softened or smooth.

Doors for the bathroom and sinks

We are facing an area in which choosing the door carefully is critical. Bathrooms usually have a very small surface area, so it is not recommended to put a hinged door on them. Opt, whenever possible, for a sliding model, preferably embedded in the wall, since it will allow you to take advantage of 1 m2 of additional surface. In the event that the bathroom does not have a window, you can opt for a door with translucent glass, as long as it can collect natural light or from another illuminated room or hallway.

What to take into account?

We must take into account the needs of the inhabitants of the home and the frequency of use to be able to apply opening systems such as folding or sliding that are hidden inside the partition, and know if it will need to isolate the noise or only us it is necessary to give privacy. It is also very important to take into account the decorative style.

A door can add interest to a plain and boring wall, it can give greater warmth to a room that requires it, offer an avant-garde image if you are looking for a modern style or give a room a rustic appearance when it is the style chosen for it. Being a noble element of the house, the interior door gives us the possibility of harmonizing it with the rest of the elements of the house.