This World Mental Health Day, Prioritise Your Mental Health with These Habits


Taking care of your health is not limited to a balanced diet, maintaining the right body weight, getting enough sleep and investing in health insurance policy to ensure coverage in the face of a medical crisis. Your mental health is just as important as your physical wellbeing. High stress levels, depression and anxiety are among the leading health concerns among people across generations today. These conditions can affect your digestive system and sleep pattern, causing further harm to your body. This World Mental Health Day on 10 October, promise to take good care of your mind and enhance your overall wellbeing.

It is noticed that in India talking about mental health is still a taboo. This is more pronounced among women as taking care of their mental health is usually a low priority. Surprised? It is so because most women spend the major part of their day multi-tasking and stretching themselves to the maximum to complete diverse responsibilities. Irrespective of who you are or what your profession is, you must find a little time to nurture your mental health. You should buy individual health insurance rather than employer insurance. Here are some ways you can do that amid your busy schedule:

  • Daily walks or exercise

Go for daily walks, jogging or exercise at a time that suits you. It can be as short as 10 minutes but you will feel good. You can also include Yoga in your daily routine. The reason is that physical activity helps the brain to perform better.  

  • Make note of good things in life

You need not write down your autobiography or go into diary writing. Simply keep a note of incidents, things or people who had a positive effect on you. It can also be something that you find good about yourself. Recalling happy events would make you feel less stressed.

  • Connect with your friends

It could be difficult to stay in touch with friends, especially when you pick up more responsibilities at home and work. But catching up with friends once in a while, via a phone call or for a quick coffee, can do wonders for your mental health. Having somebody to talk to can relieve you of stress and worries. It is also the best way to fight depression.

  • Reduce multi-tasking

Try to complete one task at a time instead of burdening yourself with several activities. There would be different types of work, people and deadlines to deal with at the same time. The burden of multiple works would pile up your stress level and affect your mental health. This would also give you less time for relaxation and to connect with others. 

  • Learn to say no

Do not agree to or accept everything that comes your way. You may want to help others or appear pleasant to whoever you meet, but that comes at a cost. Additional responsibilities can ultimately lead to higher stress. So, use your ‘yes’ wisely. 

  • Enjoy without guilt

Sometimes you may decide to take time off to relax but in your mind, you could be planning your next activity—things to do at home, next assignment, people to call—it could be anything. This would further stress your mind. While relaxing, free your mind from all work-related thoughts and just enjoy. 

  • Sleep well

Any adult needs to sleep for a minimum of 7 hours each day. This is required for good physical and mental health. Do not cut your sleeping time to finish your pending work, for browsing through social media or chatting. Lack of sleep can lead to anxiety and psychological problems. 

  • Think positive about yourself

At times you do self-evaluations and mostly focus on your negative qualities. This is bad for your self-esteem. Replace the negative thoughts about yourself with positive ones or boost your mind for improvement. You will feel more confident about your abilities this way.

  • Keep upgrading yourself

There is no better alternative to learning and developing yourself throughout your life. It can be upgrading your skills for a job, personality development or more. You can read books, attend workshops or classes, and make the best of the online resources available. Also you can read our insurance company blogs.

  • Meditate daily

Meditation is very effective in maintaining a healthy mind. It reduces anxiety, depression and also takes care of some physical ailments. Practice meditation regularly even if it is for a short time and you will see the difference. It improves concentration and helps you to focus better on your activities.

  • Go for therapy sessions

In case you feel that you are struggling to cope with stress, depression or any other form of mental condition, consult a therapist or psychiatrist at the earliest. Do not pay attention to random comments and opinions of people, and instead seek help from proper sources.


Being proactive about your mental health and doing the needful is not selfish. It is much needed to lead a happy and peaceful life. Besides, a healthy body and mind together can help you in managing your life and daily activities in a better way. Find these health improving tips.