Thursday, September 28

This Series Has Lots Of Emotion Connects The Hearts


Enthralled by unique-themed plots? Then, you better not miss Addham! The Telugu series is an extensive take on mature themes that individuals deal with in their everyday life. A completely different turn from the basic commercial stereotypes, it makes for an intense watch. The Telugu industry seeks to create innovative storylines indulging in off-beat themes. The success of such movies in the region is absolutely incomparable.

Loaded with solid scripts, a talented cast, and well-executed shots, Telugu shows are enjoyed thoroughly all over. The industry is creative and consistent with its releases that add up to a positive conclusion. Telugu web series is being increasingly accepted and loved by the audience. If you usually search for Telugu web series randomly on the net, it’s high time you switch over to aha.

Addham – A gripping watch 

Directed by Sarjun km, BharathNeelakantan, and Siva Ananth, Addham is an intriguing Telugu anthology. It is a three-episode story revolving around the concept of morality. Addham is a refined take on the shades of morality streaming exclusively on AHA. The series is produced by Sujatha Narayanan and Devasena ES. The primary cast involves big names such as Jayaprakash, Rohini, M.Praveen, Prasanna, Gowtham Sundararajan, AbhiramiVenkatachalam, and VaralaxmiSarathkumar.

The story features three individual stories dealing with morality issues under different circumstances. The episode titles are named Crossroads, The Road That Never Ends, and The Unwhisperable Secret. Addham’s narration is unique with zero unnecessary descriptions and leaves plenty of room for the imagination.

The Road That Never Ends is perhaps the more interesting of the lot with brilliant camera works and dialogue delivery. Crossroads is a decent attempt at delving into a young man’s life and decisions regarding his marital life. The Unwhisperable Secret talks about a psychiatrist and the existing dilemma she faces. Struggling between being a responsible expert and a devoted citizen, the woman’s action constitutes the core.

AHA – Choosing convenience!

Over-the-top sites have a commanding presence in the entertainment business. These platforms have used digitalization to their advantage to provide engaging content for the audience. OTT apps offer unlimited streaming for people across borders. The content displayed is carefully tailored according to engagement rates and vast genres.

The rise in international OTT sites has been predominant, but recent times have seen a hike in national and regional content platforms. This is essentially due to the demand for new stories with unique plots. OTT platforms are arranged and streamlined for easy search and fun browsing. They are also compatible with a lot of devices that allow unrestricted streaming.

AHA is a newly launched app that consists of Telugu movies, web series, and shows. It lets a user access content that is in compliance with originality clauses. AHA keeps updating and uploading new content for continuous entertainment. Many local sites provide free regional-based content, so what is special about AHA, you ask? Well, for starters, AHA asks for a comparatively lower fee. It also allows endless streaming without any advertising interference. Plus, AHA is offering discounts on its subscription plans for a limited period. Stream Telugu web series online and avail all of the benefits quickly!