Unique ideas for corporate parties With the Party Bus


As at social events (weddings, baptisms), a photo booth is now a must at any party. Guests can have fun with special pictures, with more interesting props and background, they can leave with prints of photos with a magnet on the back, and these services are now very easy to find. In addition, they can be accompanied by party decorations matched with the theme you have chosen, strengthening the props of the place.

Theme with guaranteed success

There are certain themes that everyone loves: hippies, gypsies, James Bond, masquerade ball, but also newer and creative themes: what job did you want to have when you were little, escape rooms or board games. Most of the time, the company party is the only occasion in which some colleagues have the opportunity to participate in such thematic events, so the organization of the party can even add value to the social life of the team members.

Improvisation workshop

Drum classes, improvisation, or small acting exercises are now very easy for companies to find. Performers in these fields travel to the headquarters of companies or where they organize parties and offer, in addition to the experience of relaxation, the feeling of learning a new skill.

Corporate party ideas

The mysterious dinners are intended for large teams, in which colleagues know each other only within the departments, but on this occasion they can interact with other team members, who would not otherwise be in their group. Mysterious dinners are organized in different restaurants in the city, for different heterogeneous groups. Thus, a participant knows when and where the dinner will be, but not with which colleagues he will sit at the table.

Travel Guide

Tourist tours can be done both in the city where the company operates, but also in other cities that a group can discover. Even if the tour lasts only a few hours and takes place in an already known city, a good guide can add new objectives, historical and interesting facts that will make an ordinary day, a special and memorable one. With the Toronto Party Bus you can count on the party on a bus.

Alternative payment cafe

There are services, designed for smaller parties, in which you can prepare smoothies endured by the engine of a stationary bike, on which even the participants can pedal.

Competitive activities, such as the Culinary Olympics

Advertising agencies can participate in the cooking agency cup, a culinary competition organized by IQads. In the same way, internal competitions can be organized within a company, in which employees can participate in teams and taste delicious dishes at the end.

The most important thing, when organizing a party, is to look at your team as a whole, the results and atmosphere of the parties of the past years and to see if your colleagues would feel good. The party is the culmination of a success, a new year or team spirit, and its purpose must be honest, genuine, and open to the personalities and preferences of members. Both games and dance or simply social interaction are important in welding collegiality.