The loose leaf Note Book


Loose leaf Note Books are popular with the executives on the move with writers and journalists. The more sought of diary, the loose leaf with several additional sheets has taken place in the market. Loose leaf note book is also sold in book form where the perforation allows the sheets to be removed easily.

What is a loose leaf notebook?

Loose leaf is any kind of paper or book that comes in single sheets. Hence, loose leaf is not a roll of paper or a paper bound in place. A typical loose leaf note book is that which is punched and held by a ring binder for easy removal and placing back.

Though loose leaf refers to any paper sold as loose sheets or book sold as loose sheets, in the US, it specifically refers to ruled sheets pre-punched for easily fining with the ring binder.

The three common types of loose sheet paper are the wide ruled, college ruled and the un-ruled. This is for various applications and personal styles, like large handwriting, more lines  per page etc.

How did the loose leaf note book come into being?

The loose leaf note book was probably invented by practical considerations by a legal clerk. This further developed into the loose leaf ledger, again for a very practical application of accounting. Whatever the origin the loose leaf note book is here to stay.

What is a loose leaf ledger?

In manual accounting systems, a ledger is usually a loose leaf binder with separate page for each ledger account. A ledger records classified and summarised financial information from journals – the book of first entry – as debits and credits.

The advantages of a loose leaf notebook

The main advantage of the loose leaf binder is the flexibility it allows and the economy of use. The ability to add or remove sheets at will leads to several advantages. The student may take only sheets to college and attend several topics and reinsert them in the order back home. Allowing for self organisation this is very useful for writers on different topics.

The disadvantages of a loose leaf notebook

The chief disadvantage of the loose leaf note book is that the individual sheets can easily come off from the bonder and get lost due to the wear and tear of the punched holes. Reinforcement labels or sheet protectors are now available to protect the sheets from damage and loss.

Trending –  the loose leaf note book

It is trending to add a punched calculator, a digital clock, compass and any type of digital innovations to the loose leaf binder.