The Psychedelic treatment for the treatment of disorders in 2021


Most of the disorders arising due to mental health are often capable of being treated by medication. However, eating disorders have not been able to respond effectively to psychiatric medicines. There are a few treatments that are possible but medications have not been actively emerging as the ultimate solution to the problem. A new ray of hope was brought by the Psychedelic medicines which have started getting some attention for the treatment of eating disorders.

Psychedelic medicines are those substances that can lighten the mood and help in the altering of cognitive processes. They can result in the formation of hallucinative perceptions where the individual will be able to see or hear things that may not appear to be real. Such medicines can be artificially prepared or naturally available.

The use of Psychedelic medicines dates back to the 1930s and they were being used to treat mental disorders in the earlier course of time. However, as it started gaining attention, it was banned under the laws and was classified under the category of drugs that were restricted in use. This action severely impacted the further studies and research of the usage of psychedelic medicines and the possible impacts they could have on individuals.

These medicines were expected to reduce the hyperactivity in the communication pathways between the regions of the brain which were often higher in depression, or people suffering from anxiety issues. This helped treat eating disorders as well since it was also a result of the hyperactivity that was observed in the brain regions. The use of Psychedelic medicines is often considered safe for individuals since they do not cause any forms of addiction to the users.

Ayahuasca is another well-known psychoactive drug that was supposed to help people with their issues of anxiety and depression. It was expected to give many positive impacts on the individuals and instantly relieve them of unwanted stress.

This reason widely applies to the huge popularity Ayahuasca retreats have gained especially in Peru where experienced people provide help individuals who were already aware of the proper dosages and impacts of the drug on the individuals. People suffering from eating disorders too benefitted from the retreats and hence it served as an alternative treatment to such disorders. Effective utilization of these drugs can prove helpful to a large proportion of people.