The Ultimate Boho Chic Style Guide for Interior Design and Decor


Did you know that your environment can impact your emotional and physical health? The colors of the walls can influence your mood. Even something as simple as getting more light can improve symptoms of depression and anxiety.

The way your space is organized and decorated can also impact the way you behave. A home with decor filled with comfortable seating will encourage you to spend more time there with loved ones.

If you’re thinking of redecorating your home to create a more relaxing and welcoming environment, this boho chic style guide can help you get started. Keep reading to learn more.

Choose the Right Colors and Patterns 

One of the most important things to remember when trying to capture the boho style is that it should feel comfortable and inviting. You can start by choosing the color schemes that feel right to you.

Earthy tones are great choices for the walls, while more colorful pops can be added to the decor. You can choose one color and decorate based on that color.

When decorating your bedroom, orange is a great choice that will make the space feel bright and warm. There are many ways you can go about choosing the decor but make sure orange is the star. You can check out some ideas here

Beaded pillows with beautiful designs add to the textured look that’s classic to the boho style. Boho throws and pillows are both decorative and functional. Remember to choose colorful and patterned designs to add beauty to the room.

Woven Tapestries Are a Must 

If you’re just looking to make quick updates for your home without doing a whole redecoration, adding some simple boho styled elements can change up the look of any room. The point is to add as much as you can without overwhelming the senses.

Something you can do to fill up some plain ways is to add some woven tapestries. These add a beautiful layer of texture to the area without making it look so cluttered.

Other types of tapestries with mandala designs or lots of colors would be great ways to add an artistic quality to the room.

Intricately Craved Furniture Is Key 

Boho chic designs are always intricate, and this is also present in furniture made in this style. You can add some wood pieces with carvings in the legs or arms of a dresser or table. This is another way to represent the texture that’s so important in the boho style.

Many of these pieces can be found in vintage or thrift stores. All of your furniture won’t match perfectly, but that actually makes it fall more in line with the boho style of comfort and flow.

Mix up Your Decorative Pieces 

If you’re looking to refresh your home on a budget, the boho-chic style is the right one for you. The point of this style is not for everything to look uniformed and new.

It’s ok to mix and match the accessories you choose to decorate. Be on the lookout for crochet pillows and antique cameras when thrift shopping. Add elements as you find them. The important thing is that these accessories represent your personality and spirit.

Floor Pillows Add a Comfortable Element 

Remember that the boho style should embrace comfort and feel warm and inviting. One way to add this to your home or bedroom is by adding an array of floor pillows.

These pillows can have different colors and patterns, but they should help others feel comfortable when they come into your space. Beanbag chairs made of faux fur are another great addition for guests when they come over for movie nights.

Include Different Styles of Light 

If you’re wondering how to brighten up your home while maintaining the boho style, the right lights can create a relaxing ambiance. Salt lamps add a dose of magic to the carefree boho style.

Stringed twinkling lights also add the perfect magical touch, creating the comforting atmosphere you want your space to have. You can hang these lights around the headboard of your bed or lay them loosely around your desk.

Soft lighting is preferred in the boho style so opt for candles and table lights. It’s easy to find unique shapes and designs at second-hand stores.

Use Elements of Nature in Your Decor 

The free spirit nature of the boho style also incorporates natural elements in its design. Earthy colors, feathered decorative pieces, and materials made from wood are common.

Add some seagrass or wicker baskets for storage. You might find some rattan or wicker end tables at thrift stores. They’ll add a great nature vibe to your place.

Planters with some indoor plants will purify the air and add some beautiful nature to your space.

Rugs Make Your Space Look Cozy and Inviting 

A crucial element of boho chic home decor is the right rug. You can get a couple of different rugs if you have space, or you can keep them on rotation if you want to change things up every once in a while.

Bright, colorful designs or textured rugs work well. Rugs with a distressed look can add to the carefree vibe of the boho style.

Add Some Funky Wallpaper 

While your boho decor can include painted walls with earthy tones, you can always opt for some fun wallpaper to make your space look bolder and brighter. A pattern design with lots of reds and oranges is the perfect wallpaper to add to turn your space into the boho loft of your dreams.

Boho Chic Style Guide Ideas to Change Your Home Decor

If you want to change up the look of your bedroom or the rest of your home, the boho style can add something different without emptying your bank account.

Follow this boho chic style guide to create the home you’ve always wanted. You can change up the colors of your room by adding some earthy tones with pops of color. You can also mix and match the decor you find while thrift shopping.

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