Multiple and Jackpot on Sports Betting: Types of Jackpot


There are several types of single bets, and of course, there are also several types of accumulated bets. We have to keep in mind that, multiple bets are exactly a multiplier of several events, that is, the more games you include, the higher the odd will get.

Double and triple

Here in this case, the bet is not a giant jackpot, but it is also the combination of more than one bet.

As the name says, place two or three bets on the same Situs Judi Online betting ticket.


A multiple bet is considered to be one that brings together at least 4 events on the same betting slip. And from this number, you can combine many games, having to hit all.

Combined within the same ticket

Here it is a little more complicated, so we will try to explain it in a more clear and simple way. When you select multiple bets to make a multiple, the house offers you several betting options.

The simplest, obviously, is the multiple x1, the one we are explaining, which takes into account all events in a single ticket. But there are also other ways to combine the same events you have chosen.

The house, for example 1xbet or Bet, can combine several doubles, several trebles, and so on.


In a multiple with 5 events, the bookmaker gives me the option to combine 10 doubles (I will make 10 bets), 10 trebles, 5 multiples, or Super Yankee, contain 26 bets: 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 quadruples and one bet Simple multiple of 5 selections.

  • In short, the more selections you make, the more options the house gives you to match in any way those games you have chosen.
  • This means that it is more money that you invest, it increases your profit margin, but it also greatly increases your loss margin.

Is it worth betting on multiples?

As previously mentioned, the accumulated ones greatly increase your net return margin, it is seductive, but on the other hand, it also increases your margin of errors.

Hitting several games is difficult, if it were easy, all gamblers would be millionaires. What we see most out there are people testing various types of accumulated; bets on favorites with super small odds, bets on goals, handicap bets on the favorite, etc. First of all we give my opinion: do not make multiples your main method to be profitable, because you will break!

The jackpots are very unfair, because if you hit 9 out of 10 games, but in the last one you miss, your money will go away. It gives you that feeling of injustice , because you did 9 analyzes well done, and in one you were wrong, and you don’t even earn part of the total amount.


In this situation we can reflect: let’s say that you have chosen 10 selections with an average odd of 1.80. If you hit 9, playing $ 10 on each one, you would have a net return of $ 62, already subtracting the one you lost. It happens a lot, of people always trying to hit a “big odd” and end up losing everything. So the tip we give is simple: do your analysis, and bet on simple events.