How to Practice your Grammar basics for A2 English Language Test


Mainly the examiner will see that how you focus and responds to the questions. If your communication skill is good, then there are more chances of passing the test. Make sure you have a good vocabulary. There are many places on the internet where you can practice basic grammar and by that many people have to go benefits of that. No, we have divided into three tasks. To get to know everything properly. Do not miss any points so that you will be confused afterwards. This steps will help you to develop good language skills. The A2 English test is not so hard the questions will be very simple. A2 English test booking can be made when you are ready. The booking can be made online if you want, there are sites that conduct the English test.

Task 1

You will hear a text. The text will be on any topic. You should write the details about the text as perfectly as possible. If you practice every day, you will be fast in writing the information what you listen. You can make the text shorter but make sure it is accurate. In the beginning, there will be more mistakes, but after some practices, you will write properly. You will be successful only when you know the keywords of the text.

If you can explain the keywords and write it down so you will be selected very fast. If you know to understand what is past tense, present tense and future tense then that’s it you can write everything that you hear. It has many advantages if you upgrade your vocabulary. If you know high English words, then it will be a good impression on you from the examiner. While the examiner will ask questions, try to give answers properly with confidence. If you don’t have confidence, then the game may change. Do not hesitate while talking the examiner is just an unknown person, not your enemy.

Task 2

You have to select the appropriate words to match the given story. Try to get words which are mostly coming in a sentence. By this, you will know the actual meaning of the word. When you choose a word, try to see keywords of the full sentence. The main thing is keywords only if you are able to respond to the keywords by writing, speaking or listening then that’s it there is no need to do more practice for the English language. When an examiner tells you a sentence, try to make different parts of the sentence to give the answer properly.

Task 3

Try to replace grammatical words like a preposition, pronouns, articles and many more. You can fill these things in the gap of the text. You should involve your reading skills while writing English so that your answer will be logical and proper. The best advice to make your grammar good is by communicating people who spends more time with you and know English. You can talk to them in the English language when you get the habit of talking your English will become very smooth. Another thing is that if an unknown person asks you any questions and if you are able to respond with a long answer by this, you will know that you ready for the English test.