How to Help Ukrainian Refugees


Some of the queries ask how to help Ukrainian refugees. Others are from people searching for donation drives. Whatever the motivation, there are many ways to support people in need. Take a look at the “Pay Don’t Stay” movement.

Donate money

Help Ukrainian refugees get the medical care they need to survive in the United States by making a monetary gift to a nonprofit organization. There are many ways to donate, including credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and even bequests and estate donations. Donations can be made online using the link above or by calling 1-866-211-HOPE.

Your donation will help provide clean drinking water and basic medical aid for the people of Ukraine. In addition, it will help rebuild the infrastructure destroyed by the Russian invasion. It can also go toward medical staff, food, and hygiene kits.

Check out the ‘Pay don’t stay’ movement

You can help the Ukrainian refugees suffering in the ongoing conflict by making a monetary gift to this nonprofit organization. Donations will be used to provide healthcare and psychosocial support to needy people. About 6 million internally displaced people and over 10 million people have fled the country. The ongoing conflict is having a significant impact on the citizens of both countries, so it’s imperative that you do your part to help.

The United States is home to about a million people of Ukrainian descent. Some of the largest Ukrainian communities are in New York City, Pennsylvania, and Washington State. In the 1990s, the United States government passed a law that allowed persecuted religious minorities to seek asylum in the United States. Some of these early arrivals sponsored relatives to join them in the United States. As a result, pressure has increased on the United States administration to do more to assist the refugees. Though most of the refugees are now being hosted by European nations, the US government is providing some help to these refugees.

Donate supplies

You can help refugees in Ukraine by donating supplies to the United Nations Refugee Agency. This nonprofit organization helps provide emergency supplies, helps build transit centers, and offers temporary housing for those in need. The United Nations Refugee Agency has also created a special restricted donation fund to help those in need in Ukraine. All donations to this fund will go directly to the refugees in need. You can also donate money through the International Rescue Committee, which has partnered with celebrities Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds to match $1 million of donated funds.

The crisis in Ukraine has escalated into a global humanitarian disaster. Thousands of civilians and medical workers have been killed in the conflict. Millions of people have fled their homes in search of safety. Fortunately, organizations like Project HOPE are responding to the crisis. These organizations provide medical equipment, hygiene kits, and supplies for refugees. Project HOPE is also working to establish transit routes for supplies to reach those in need in Ukraine.

Donate medicine

You can help refugees in need by donating medicines to Project Hope. This nonprofit organization was founded in the United States in 1958 and aimed to empower healthcare workers during times of crisis. They have a team in Europe to help with the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, and they are distributing medicine and health screenings to refugees. You can donate drugs and supplies to help refugees in the region. You can also help them by becoming a member of the Project Hope website and spreading the word about this mission.

Through a partnership with Direct Relief, the company donated more than $11 million in medical supplies and products to the Ukrainian refugee crisis. These donations include essential medicines and supplies for over 10,000 people. These kits contain antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, oral rehydration salts, surgical scrub brushes, and other supplies that will make life much easier for those in need.