How Do You See Your Company AFTER The Pandemic?


As you may be aware, there is currently a sizeable international healthcare crisis that is being handled currently in the Philippines. The Philippine Government is working to contain the outbreak by creating international medical teams and setting up isolation protocols. However, how exactly can you see your business after the pandemic? There are several options.

One option is for the virtual assistant company to create a virtual PBX for your company. A virtual PBX has the same functionality as a land-based phone exchange. It allows your company to integrate with your existing legacy system seamlessly; however, it does not require you to buy or maintain any hardware. This option removes one of the most significant maintenance headaches associated with a PBX system. This also gives a straightforward communication method with your employees and with the outside world-all via the same system.

Another option is for your company to outsource its communications needs to an outsourcing company. The virtual assistant company would maintain the IT infrastructure required for phone lines, switching stations, answering machines, and so on. While this would free up a great deal of time for you, it would also likely mean that the best talent available would be those with minimal or no experience at all in handling company communications. This is why it is recommended to outsource your communication needs to a qualified virtual assistant company in the first place.

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