How do you make someone feel special on their birthday in lockdown?


When you have to stay at home because of the Covid-19 pandemic, celebrating a birthday might feel impossible to do. The lockdown limits all activities. You cannot mobilize as you usually would. It gets sadder if your friend has a birthday during the pandemic. Their birthdays cannot be enlivened.

However, there is no need to be discouraged. There are still several alternative ways to make a birthday memorable amid a lockdown and a self-quarantine situation like now. Let’s check the ideas below!

  1. Throw a Virtual Party

The first is that you can have a virtual party with friends and relatives via several video conferencing applications.

Applications such as Skype and Zoom let users talk to each other from their own homes via webcam and host some of the best virtual meetings.

You can also try using a viral chat application called Houseparty. This app lets you have a virtual party with a group of friends.

Apart from giving you the space to chat and hang out with whoever you like, Houseparty offers a variety of in-app activities to do with your friends, including watching movies together.

Although only eight people can join each session, HouseParty will certainly allow you to create a party atmosphere for your friend’s special day.

  1. Create a special card

While in “normal” times, you might not care much about birthday cards, something as simple as a friendly message is sure to make a difference in today’s situation.

Write down creative things or something that touches your friend’s heart. This simple thing will give your friend a big smile for their birthday.

  1. Restaurant-style dinner

Celebrating a birthday at a favorite restaurant during a pandemic like this may not be possible. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it at home.

You can involve your housemates, family, or partner in spending time eating several restaurant-style set menus. You can set a few candles, grab a bottle of your favorite drink, and enjoy a delicious meal while you’re at home.

But if you live alone or can’t find the ingredients you need for cooking, you can get your favorite food by taking advantage of delivery services.

  1. Karaoke party

You can also throw a karaoke party. Create a list of your favorite and festive songs to sing with your housemates, family, or partner and sing together at home using the technology you have.

  1. Picnic

If you have a large garden and good weather at home, a picnic is an equally enjoyable option. Make your favorite sandwich, grab a birthday cake, and sit in the sun.

However, for those who live in a shared flat or house, you can turn your living room into a comfortable workspace with linen and Tumblr-style lights for an indoor picnic.

  1. Book a Virtual Event or Trip

As long as the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing, several events or celebrations in the forms of meeting and gathering has become impossible. If your friends like to come to certain concerts, exhibitions, or shows, you can now buy tickets so that your birthday friends can still watch their favorite events virtually.

Besides those virtual events, museums, zoos, and theme parks often offer free virtual tours these days. You can take this as an advantage to bring your friends or family on a ‘trip.’ Do you have a little cousin, nephew, or niece? You can try the Smithsonian National Museum of National History. Animal lover? This is your chance to go to the San Diego Zoo. You can even get a virtual look at the Walt Disney World or Legoland Florida Resort.

Coordinating a group for this kind of virtual experience might be complicated, but it’s great for a one-on-one birthday date. Everybody can share their thoughts on everything you see and spend some quality time together.

Or simply, if you know that there will be a virtual event or free live session that your friend likes, you just have to remind him to watch the virtual event date. It’s still exciting to watch together safely in our homes.

  1. Give DIY kits to fill the spare time.

Want to give gifts to your friends who like crafts or handmade items? In addition to sending handmade gifts with greeting cards that you made yourself, you can also give creative gifts in the form of DIY kits such as knitting, crafting, painting, pest beads, toy clay, or gifts that must be compiled by yourself such as lego. Apart from being a unique gift, you can also help your friends kill their boredom for months at home and hone their creativity.

  1. Send Them Their Favorite Cake, Hampers or Food

Who doesn’t like being sent food? The recipient will certainly be happy if there is food delivery, especially if it is their favorite food. You can send a birthday cake, chocolate bouquet, or a favorite snack box for friends or family who have a birthday to their house. No need to bother leaving the house. To buy and send, with birthday gift delivery, you just need to scroll, select, pay, and the gift will be delivered to the recipient’s doorstep.

  1. Watching together from Respective homes

How fun it can be to watch a movie you love with friends, even if virtually. There are various online streaming and third-party applications that let you sync your movies right from the comfort of your home.

All you need is a stable Wi-Fi connection and invite all your friends to download or install extensions for third-party apps and websites like Watch2Gether, Rave, or Twoseven. You can make your birthday a moment to watch it together. You can also send popcorn and soda for your friends as a snack to watch, like in a movie theater.

  1. Drive-Through Party

For those who still want to see relatives and friends in person but are still reluctant to have a real party, a drive-through party can be an option.

Try to decorate your front yard or garage with garland, balloons, and send out invitations (maybe a birthday hat, balloons, or trumpets as well) so relatives and friends can drive through your front of the house at the appointed hour. Don’t forget, prepare hampers filled with food, snacks, desserts, toys, and others that you can hand over when they drive-through in front of the house.

This method is also practical because they can also hand over gifts without getting out of the car. However, make sure you also keep wearing your mask, put on a hand sanitizer, and don’t forget to take a photo together as a memory.

Make plans together when this lockdown ends.

One of the worst parts of celebrating a birthday during this time is when they can’t see all their friends or family. Doing something that shows you understand how your friend feels is important.

So, here are some ways to celebrate the birthday of a friend, colleague, or family during the pandemic. Hopefully, you can meet and reunite with friends or extended family after COVID-19 ends. Stay safe, healthy, and happy!