Thursday, November 24

Upgrade your security instantly!


You will see large 3D shimmering stickers known as holographic labels on each good you buy nowadays. The use of cutting-edge technology has yielded these holographic stickers, which may be used to safeguard your items. Technology that detects and prevents counterfeits can provide brand security. Holographic labels are often used in industrial packaging to prevent the duplication and counterfeiting of a product’s original design. If the holographic labels were made by an industry-leading company specialising in providing these services, replicating them would be a challenging, if not impossible, process. The Hologram security seals are a type of tamper-evident label made of polyester. These labels are available in a variety of colour combinations and release residues.

Companies offer security hologram labels to safeguard your items from being counterfeited and diverted. In addition, these labels are eye-catching and give a complete fill with every criterion that is now required for the package.

Customised stockers

Holographic security stickers that may be personalised with printed information, such as business logos and serialisations, are called customised holographic stickers. It may be considered an additional layer of protection for your product’s second layer of protection.

The following are some of the benefits of holographic security stickers:

  • When the tamper-evident layer is peeled away, holographic labels automatically destroy themselves. If someone attempts to peel the sticker, it becomes tampered with and can no longer be used to adhere to any other item or document.
  • Because it is difficult to replicate the holographic security seals, there is no possibility that they will be counterfeited.
  • Security Stickers and seals are a fantastic choice for anybody looking to safeguard their goods and the reputation of their business. Holographic stickers are very hard to replicate due to their one-of-a-kind optical qualities. Customers and users can readily authenticate personalised holographic labels, another benefit of using them.
  • The holographic stickers may be created to fit any customer’s preferred form and patterns. Validating things rapidly and attracting clients becomes more straightforward due to this.
  • Holograms in three dimensions are designs that captivate buyers and are beneficial to branding.
  • These labels are suitable for usage on various objects, including important papers, consumer goods, driver’s licences, identification cards, and other similar items.

Protection from all Angles – Varieties of Safety Measures Offered on Security Labels

Physical security, digital security, and other methods are available to fight against counterfeiting and theft of alcoholic beverage bottles. These stickers and seals provide all-around security at a very pocket-friendly cost.

Safety from Theft

Characteristics like print, ink, stock properties, and optical features prohibit counterfeiters from replicating the packaging of items and make it possible to identify instances of product theft. This strategy combines physical and digital security measures to offer the highest level of safety.

Protection of Assets:

These seals, which use digital technology, make it possible to trace and track packages. They are based on codes printed on physical security items or surfaces, and they are encrypted and safe to prevent unauthorised access to the data from any external factors. They also have the capability of collecting additional data that is related to consumers.

It is a complete solution to protect a brand that incorporates Track and Trace, GPS, and Physical Security. It is a mix of hardware and software implemented at various points throughout the Supply Chain to provide complete visibility and safety.