Excellent Solutions for the Perfect Roulette Betting Online


In roulette betting, even if there are consecutive losses, supposedly, at some point, the player will have a satisfactory result. The amount invested in the previous rounds is earned. In reality, the strategy has several flaws. The ball has no memory and can stop at any square. Even if it has fallen black in succession, it can fall again more often. Some people think that the chances are 50% for red and 50% for black. Choosing the best situs Judi roulette online is the right thing to do here.

However, box 0 is green. Martingale is not a bad idea in the long run, but to put it into action, you would need to have infinite money. Another detail is that the tables have bet limits, so it is necessary to look for tables with high roulette limits.

If a person starts with a low amount of R $ 1, it will be increased to R $ 2, R $ 4, R $ 8, R $ 16, and so on, since the system aims to double the bets.

In a short time, the value will arrive in a very high amount. Imagine losing $ 250 in a single game, all at once?

Grand Martingale

It follows the same idea as the original Martingale, but with an extra in the bets so that it is possible to withdraw an additional prize. Imagine that a player starts with $ 5.

Winning and Losing

He bets on red and loses. In the classic Martingale, it should double to R $ 10. Instead, he adds an extra $ 5, betting $ 15.

If he wins in the round, he will have R $ 10 in profit, since the prize will be R $ 30 and R $ 20 in all were bet. The point is that the system has the same consequences, being unviable for bettors.