Saturday, September 23

6 List Destinations That You Must Visit in Mandalika


While Lombok is not as internationally called Bali, travellers are heading to this seaside getaway. Since the start of 2019, a specific area of Lombok called Mandalika has begun to receive a whole lot of buzz – from its as-yet untouched shores to stone structures into local cuisine. Get away from the Bali crowds and maintain bragging rights as among the very first to discover this gorgeous coastal hotel. Here are some destinations to do in Mandalika to add to your itinerary.

  1. Seger Beach

As the remaining beaches on the list, Seger Beach is still comparatively untouched compared to the touristy places in different parts of the Indonesian archipelago. The combo of the clean blue water and soft creamy colour of the sand makes a pretty colour palette for unbeatable vacation photographs. With colors such as these, you’re probably going to forget about the existence of ready-made camera filters. In addition to its beauty, Seger Beach is also the site of this annual Bau Nyale Festival, a traditional service in which individuals of Central Lombok catch sea worms which are believed to be incarnations of their city’s namesake, Princess Mandalika.

  1. Goa Kotak

Goa Kotak, meaning “square cave,” not only lives up to its title but also looks like it’s been specifically made to proceed hand-in-hand with the Instagram format. Completely absent of stalagmites and stalactites, this cave is much just like a window through which you can gawk at the oceanic picture.

  1. Merese Hill

Whether you’re a professional photographer or a casual shutterbug, you are going to fall in love with Merese Hill or Bukit Merese. Locals call it Merisik, which has the double meaning of “barren” and “bald,” as you can just see one tree on the whole hill. To find the best view, strategy to achieve the mountain, or in case you’re a morning person, at sunrise. It is not hard to trek, but just like most areas so high up, it’s always a good idea to be prepared – wear shoes made for outdoor activities with an excellent grip that keeps you secure and your feet protected.

  1. Tanjung Aan Beach

Tanjung Aan is your one-stop beach for those who need some serious fun in sunlight, from swimming, snorkelling, and browsing to sunbathing. In addition to its unique, crescent-shaped shore, this beautiful Mandalika beach also boasts sparkling clear water that’ll give the snorkeling crowd something to become excited. Although Tanjung Aan Beach is not the hottest beach in Mandalika, it’s a lesser-known choice for people who aren’t overly fond of packaged tourist areas.

  1. Ende Village

Beautiful beaches are not the only reason why you need to see Mandalika. It is also possible to understand the Sasak folks who live in Desa Ende or Ende Village.  Watch how they go about their daily lives within their ancestral community of no more than 40 families. If you happen at the right time, you might even have the ability to catch a glimpse of a conventional wedding. There are no organized tours yet, but if you are encouraged to enter one of these houses, you’ll notice you have to repaint certain parts of the house somewhat. This is because the roof is deliberately constructed to get guests to walk and stand in a humble posture to respect their hosts.

  1. Serenting Beach

Serenting Beach is just one of many choices for surfers and anyone excited to go beach-hopping from Mandalika. Sitting close to the shore is an enormous stone that resembles a giant tree. The Sasak term for mushroom, tengkong, is what sailors call the stone that has changed into a distinctive identifier of Serenting Beach. This particular beach is recommended for those who don’t enjoy being in crowded places since it’s one of the less popular places in Mandalika. You can take from the relaxing ambiance as you relax under the sun with few interruptions.

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