Saturday, September 23

6 brilliant features of a net banking app


The increasing use of smartphones has resulted in a surge in digital banking. Furthermore, smooth mobile banking, speedy transactions and 24/7 banking facilities have helped flourish the digital banking industry. You don’t have to go to bank for any banking services today. A mobile banking app can help you conduct all your financial transactions from any place.

With everything going mobile today in this digital world, if you fail to have a mobile app, you will find it difficult to live in this world. Almost all consumer banking services such as deposits, withdrawals, fund transfers, bill payments and applying for financial services are today converted to online mode. For instance, the IDFC FIRST Bank’s netbank app gives you the liberty of performing all banking activities anytime without visiting the bank. What makes an the IDFC FIRST Bank’s online banking app so popular? The key features make it one of the necessities to live an easy life. Some of the prime ones include:

Transfer money instantly

The prominence of the online Internet banking lies in the instant money-transfer feature it offers to the user. It doesn’t matter whether you want to move funds to various accounts within the same bank or different banks. You have to just link the bank accounts and transfer money from one place. There are a few options such as the NEFT, IMPS, RTGS and UPI that IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app gives you. As with the NEFT, IMPS and RTGS, you need to add beneficiaries providing their account details and amount to transfer.

Using a UPI payment method, you can transfer money entering the QR code or virtual payment address. 

View balances and recent transactions

The number of people using a banking app to check account balances is increasing. The online platform of IDFC FIRST Bank helps them link all their bank accounts and check the latest transactions and balances instantly. They can also track the expenses and take steps to reduce them in future. With the income and expenses analyser, you get an idea of whether they have a positive or negative effect on your savings.

Pay bills easily

The app also help you make quick payments, and this feature makes it a necessary tool for anyone. It gives you options to pay your utility and other bills instantly or set up the bills for payment on a due date. You will receive an early reminder to pay, which will save you from late payments. You can set up for an ‘Autopay’ or adhoc payment of your bills, where you will get notifications on payment or non-payment. 

Open a new bank account

Most banks like IDFC FIRST Bank offer a netbank app download feature to facilitate Internet banking. It saves much of your time and effort by performing all banking services online. You can start a new savings account by providing your personal details, uploading PAN and Aadhaar details and undergoing eKYC process from anywhere and anytime.   

Receive notifications

The customer experience is best enhanced through notifications in banking industry. The users of the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile app receive personalized messages regarding any activities or security issues, which takes banking services to the next level.  

Quick customer support

With a mobile banking app, customer support service is made easy. By integrating Al chatbots with its app, IDFC FIRST Bank is able to respond to customer issues and queries quickly. 

The latest banking apps are good enough to meet any financial need of the user.