Why Do Employers Require Background Checks?


Almost everyone who’s ever had a job knows that part of getting hired is getting a background check. Many employers require it before they’ll bring you onto the team, and for most people, it’s just another nuisance that has to be gotten through before they can start work. 

But if you’ve ever wondered why companies do an employee hr background check, then you’re in the right place. Below you’ll find why many employers check their applicants’ backgrounds, even though it isn’t technically required by law. 

Establish Trust

Although most employers want to give all applicants a fair chance at a job, they also don’t want an employee who will cheat or steal from the company. A background check assures an employer that the person they’re considering for that position has no history of doing anything dishonest that they don’t want going on in their business. This lays the foundation for a good relationship between employer and employee. 

Legal Reasons

If some offense or crime takes place because a company was negligent about an employee background check, this could cause serious issues and fines for the business. Naturally, they want to protect themselves from this liability, so they’ll run a background check on a potential employee. This doesn’t mean that they suspect you of anything, just that it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Ensure a Safe Workplace

Another reason employers may require a background check from new employees is to protect other employees, as well as customers. Admitting a potentially dangerous person into a workplace may be asking for trouble, depending on the circumstances, and businesses want to avoid that. Running a background check is one way to vet the environment of the company and make sure that everyone stays safe.

Guard Against Theft

In these days of universal Internet access, it’s easier than ever for companies to be cheated, especially by their employees. Background checks reduce this risk, although of course, they cannot eliminate it. By looking up the applicant’s past history, employers can create another barrier against theft by untrustworthy people. 

These are some of the big reasons why an employer might require a background check before hiring a new employee. Although the process, unfortunately, keeps out some people who have reformed from their pasts, in general, it does a lot of good in keeping everyone safe. And if you have something on your record which may keep you from getting some jobs, there are probably many other places that will still hire you, so don’t despair!